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Battle Born (2022 Remaster) E.P.

Battle Born are a power metal band from the UK formed in 2018, releasing their debut E.P. 'Battle Born' in 2020 - and two years later releasing a remastered version, plus one bonus song.    
Adopting a more European style of metal rather than the traditional styled metal of their homeland, Battle Born forge a path through the glory and epic genres of heavy metal. Their sound will warrant a comparison to epic power metallers Manowar, Sabaton and HammerFall... And while Battle Born are on the same path as these greats, they're not yet shoulder to shoulder with them, having only just begun their journey. Battle Born open the E.P. with their self titled song 'Battle Born' - an up tempo and energetic opener, 'Battle Born' is big riffing and bouncy - invoking head banging right from the off.    
With a title Manowar would be proud of, the British metallers set a fast pace with 'Bring The Metal Back'. A powerful gallop of striding rhythms and thundering drums, 'Bring The Metal Back' is a monster of a metal anthem. And with the line "metal magic, it has the power to heal", a profound statement of the amazing magical power that metal music has. Battle Born have created a rabble rousing, rebellious call to arms that everyone will get behind and support. Manowar has been mentioned twice in my review so far, but the song 'Man Of War' has absolutely nothing to do with the American metallers. 'Man Of War' is a thundering mid paced, high energy dragon slaying foot stomp. The oomph and bombast oozing from 'Man Of War' is incredible - pulse and heart rates rising high with excitement.    
Battle Born have pulled out all the stops to make an impression, making this E.P. a must have addition to the collection of every anthemic and epic metal fan. Pushing aside the barrelling power metal surge, 'For Our Home' adopts a majestic hymn-like stance. More mellow than anything heard so far, 'For Our Home' is theatrical, cinematic, and a surround sound experience that'll have everyone up on their feet, swaying from side to side and singing along. 'Sovngarde Awaits' is a high tempo, high paced and full on gallop of traditional metal, and is one helluva head banging hurrah. The bonus sixth song on this remastered E.P. is 'Hammer Of Might' - a blistering fast paced belter! The traditional metal gallop is blended with the classic European power metal sound, and is proof, if it were ever needed, that Battle Born are just getting better and better.    
Overall, a six song fury of anthemic metal - big, bold and emphatic, Battle Born's debut E.P. is impressive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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Battle Born E.P.      
"a five song fury of anthemic metal - big, bold and emphatic, Battle Born impress with their debut release" Read Review