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Battering Ram

Battering Ram are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2017, releasing their self titled debut album in 2019.    
Sweden have an amazing tradition for producing hard rock/heavy metal bands, with the last decade a highly productive one. Now I'm not about to provide you with a lengthy list of bands, I'm sure there are plenty of internet search engines that will do that for you, but one of Sweden's latest ambassadors Battering Ram have just unleashed their heavy hitting debut album. Coming straight at you out of the blocks, you barely have time to flinch before album opener 'Taking My Time' hits you right between your eyes. Mixing elements of Van Halen and ZZ Top, 'Taking My Time' sets a heavy, bluesy, party rock feel that lasts for forty minutes across the albums nine songs on offer. Pace quickens as 'The Sign' takes flight and rockets forth like a fierce thunderstorm. With every tub thump sounding like thunder, 'The Sign' is an almighty heavy foot stomp that shakes the ground as it bustles on by.    
'Stronger Forever' takes on the mantle of a long striding melodic march, with a sound that owes the seventies a pint. 'Stronger Forever' oozes an old school rock feel, yet has plenty of modern day pizzazz about it. Full of hustle and bustle, 'I Will Come Alone' swaggers into sight and energetically rock 'n' rolls its way forward, prompting table top dancers in every saloon bar with a hay covered floor. The mix of blues and heavy hitting hard rock is a pulsating blend, all held together with a massive portion of infectiousness. Mid tempo and packing a punch heavier than world champion boxers, 'Chase The Fire' is one helluva catchy blues based slice of heavy rock.    
'Scared For My Life' sits perfectly in the "get the party started" anthem category. Up tempo and very energetic 'Scared For My Life' brings in a touch of American glam rockers Poison, heavy hitting with an almighty catchy rhythm and a sing a long able chorus break. The tempo and energy remains high for one of the best songs on the album - 'Coming My Way'. A slightly heavier vibe than the previous song, the albums overall blues based hard rock roots come to the fore. In fact, one would go as far to say that Battering Ram are a heavier version of ZZ Top! But where ZZ Top had just one direction that they channelled their music through, Battering Ram are much more diverse... 'Wanted Man' loads even more heaviness, infectiousness and rock 'n' roll party feel to an already heavily laden album. With one song remaining, kudos Battering Ram, they have kept energy levels high and ballads off the album. Yes, yes and yes - a hard rock album without a mellow, lighters in the air, sway from side to side moment is a definite plus from me. So, bringing the album to a close is the quickest song on offer, 'Cut In Two'. Almost rabid in pace, 'Cut In Two' places one foot in the heavy metal genre, and provides the only opportunity on the album to engage in some proper "let loose" head banging. A very good ending to a very good album.    
Overall, a heavy hitting and energetic journey of blues based hard rock, Battering Ram deliver an entertaining and exciting forty minutes of listening pleasure.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV