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The Butterfly Raiser

Bare Infinity are a female fronted symphonic power metal band from Greece formed in 2005, finally releasing their debut album in 2009 after a number of line-up changes. 2011 saw the release of the 'The Passage' E.P. with 2013 a year of change for the band as the line-up changed again, including a new singer. 'Race Of Destiny' was released as a single in 2014, from the album 'The Butterfly Raiser', which has been released in 2017.    
Bare Infinity describe themselves as a symphonic power metal band, personally, I would describe them as an epic and melodic, power metal band. Yes the vocals do soar, but for me who cannot really get my head around the glass shatteringly high pitched vocals of some symphonic metal bands, Bare Infinity and their new singer Ida Elena DeRazza, are just my kinda ticket. Opening song 'Race Of Destiny' is quickly into its stride and is a pulsating romp of galloping rhythms. Clean and clear vocals make for easy listening and 'Race Of Destiny' is a cracking opening salvo. The band have enlisted a number of talented musicians as guests on this album: Albert Dannemann (ex Blackmores Night), Max Morton (Morton Band), Janni Maniatopoulos (Tri State Corner) and Sarah Wolf (AfterTime).    
Epic and majestic, the album rolls on with the powerful 'Artemis', punching huge holes in the airways with its hard hitting, sharp edge. 'Reaching For The Sun' is a bold blend of symphonic and heavy rock, punchy and rocky, addictive and infectious and 'The Butterfly Raiser' (the album) is turning in a great performance. 'In Desertis' is a pounding and punishing slab of the hardest symphonic sound you're likely to hear this year. A faultless vocal performance accompanies the swash buckling and abrasive rhythm as 'In Desertis' meanders its way on and on. The title song 'The Butterfly Raiser' is more mellow as it strolls in, and as it progresses, sounds like it takes its influence from the folk metal genre...all the time keeping the catchy and infectious nature that Bare Infinity have become masters of. Atmospheric as it begins, 'Sands Of Time' quickly changes pace and rockets off at high speed, settling into a mid tempo journey of cracking musicianship. 'Sands Of Time' is an epic journey of meandering musical styles and yet another catchy vocal performance. Bare Infinity are masters of the epic, but in the shape of 'Hear Me Out' they place both feet firmly in the speed metal genre. 'Hear Me Out' sets a blistering pace and is a reminder of how great the European style of power metal really is.    
Swaying into sight is the melodic power metal stomper 'Orion's Light'. Orchestral sounding and foot stompingly heavy, 'Orion's Light' features the soaring vocal talents of Sarah Wolf (AfterTime). Bare Infinity deliver fresh sounding and airy heavy power metal and are not afraid to experiment as 'Ashes' proves, with a male growled vocal performance accompanying the soaring female vocals. 'Ashes' is a very heavy song and actually defies the sound of the symphonic metal genre. Keyboards led 'Robin's Eye' is all mellow and squishy as it glides in with a soulful vocal delivery. This is definitely the time for lighters to be held aloft and arms to be waved from side to side. Hitting the melodic road in very heavy style once again is 'The Devil's Call', with a mild progressive influence. More sinister sounding than anything that has gone previously on the album, the chorus is most definitely one hundred percent sing a long-able. In truly epic fashion, the album is brought to a close with the swaggering seven minutes long 'The Sword The Stone And The Wolf'. Atmospheric and orchestral sounding, the mid tempo melodic foot stomp is infectious, changing pace to become a power metal masterpiece. The final song touches a number of different genres as it progresses on its way.    
Overall, hard rocking melodic power metal with soaring vocals and an infectious nature that will keep you hooked from start to finish as the album meanders on its way.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV