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Against All Odds

BanDemoniC are a power metal band from Greece formed in 2009 releasing their 'Chains' E.P. in 2012. Their first full length album 'Fires Of Redemption' was released in 2014, with the follow up 'Against All Odds' a 2018 release.    
Opening with the title song 'Against All Odds', BanDemoniC get their sophomore album underway in pulsating style. 'Against All Odds' (the song) is traditional "foot on the monitor" style power metal, immediately inducing head banging, and smiles from ear to ear. Across the ten songs on offer, catchy rhythms and sing a long style choruses are many, BanDemoniC delivering an addictive journey. A journey that powers on with the heavier 'Zero Hour'. Pounding and pummelling, 'Zero Hour' is out and out, full on, in your face European style power metal. Picking up the intensity and thundering along, 'Saints & Sinners' is hugely bombastic as it romps on. Very catchy and anthemic in its feel, 'Saints & Sinners' is highly infectious. After only just three songs in, the album is getting heavier and heavier...    
...heaviness that continues marching on with the majestic stomper 'Of Lies And Shadows'. BanDemoniC are impressing with their second full length offering, delivering high paced, head bangingly addictive power metal, with catchy sing a long choruses and an aura of feel good and happiness. Picking up the pace 'Ocean Of Tears' runs on, all catchy and infectious, with a huge anthemic style chorus that is just gonna be chanted (very) loudly in a live arena. And talking of a live arena, hopefully BanDemoniC can transfer the high energy levels to the stage and deliver an electrifying performance. With a sudden and emphatic musical direction diversion, 'Wings Of The Night' is mellow, melodic and a stroll compared to what has gone before, but only for the first minute...before the foot is well and truly planted back on the monitor, as 'Wings Of The Night' runs amok. The Greek five piece are definitely delivering with this album, taking a sharp turn toward the speed metal genre with 'Infernal Contract'...    
...darker, heavier and more menacing than anything else on the album, 'Infernal Contract' is a head bangers dream and a delightfully raucous romp. Manic head banging will accompany this one from start to finish. With its mellow lead in, 'Reality Of The Naive' eventually launches forth with explosive attitude and is a well heavy power metal powerhouse. Fists that have been punching the air since the album began, will be punching harder than ever as 'Reality Of The Naive' relentlessly romps on. As the album roars on toward a conclusion 'Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken' keeps the relentless and energetic pace high. Everything that has been offered by BanDemoniC has been high tempo and catchy. 'Against All Odds' (the album) is not genre changing, but is genre defining, enforcing just how good European style power metal music is, and that it is very much alive and well. The final song 'Far Away' is melodic power metal how it should be, rampant and full of electrifying energy. Passages of pummelling speed metal are also infused and 'Far Away' is a rollercoaster of a finish to a cracking album.    
Overall, full on and intense "foot on the monitor" style power metal, head bangingly infectious and highly addictive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV