A New Dawn E.P.

At Sacrament are a death/thrash metal band from Paraguay, forming in 2020, and releasing their debut E.P. 'A New Dawn' in July 2020.    
Featuring five songs over a twenty minutes play time, At Sacrament deliver a sinister, dark and decidedly moody vibe. The atmospherically haunting instrumental 'Saints Of Darkness', sets a "hairs standing up on the back of the neck" tension fuelled crescendo - ready for the thumping title song 'A New Dawn' to crash in and break bones with its brutality. A deep growled death metal vocal performance is just as menacing as the music, 'A New Dawn' (the song) changing pace to incorporate the bands thrash metal leanings.    
'Mental Overload' is full of rage, fire and brimstone - pummelling the listener with a savage array of riffs. The blistering pace will please the mosh pits, heads nodding back and forth at an extremely fast rate. And that guttural scream - frightening!     
'Corrupted Mind' sees the band delve deeper into a menacing and sinister mood - the shuddering rhythms and savage riffs a joy to listen to. The changes of pace that At Sacrament incorporate into their songs, shows a surprise element for the listener - just when you think you have the bands, or songs, direction, you get completely thrown... Kudos At Sacrament for making the listening experience so intriguing. And to the final song, the very heavy, the very moody, the very dark 'Visions Of Madness'. Thunderous and raucous, 'Visions Of Madness' rounds of a very impressive debut, not everyone's cup o' tea, but that's the great thing about metal - so much variety...    
Overall, a five song battering of savagery, At Sacrament deliver heaviness, pace, and menace.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV