Descending: A Devilish Comedy

Altair are a power metal band from Italy formed in 2008 who released their debut album in 2013. The bands second album was released in 2017.    
The atmospheric opening 'Descending' builds into a majestic crescendo that launches 'Path Of Worms' at high velocity straight out of the speakers. Hitting harder than a heavyweight boxing champion, 'Path Of Worms' is all hustle and bustle as it rampages on. This is catchy European power metal with a sing a long style chorus and a thunderous rhythm to keep it at the heavier end of the metal spectrum. Keyboards and guitars working in perfect harmony, 'Path Of Worms' is a cracking opening salvo. 'Limbo' picks up the pace and gallops hard like a racehorse heading for the finish line. Harder than the opening song, more catchy too, especially across the chorus break, 'Limbo' is blended with speed metal to great effect. Clocking in at over six minutes in length, the blistering 'Seven' sets a dynamic pace as it sets off, shortly wandering into a superb mellow passage, all epic and atmospheric as a mid tempo foot stomp takes hold. Some very heavy riffing keeps 'Seven' well away from ballad territory, infectious chorus lines will keep your attention, and with a blistering guitar solo midway, 'Seven' is song of varying musical styles.    
Hard hitting and sharp edged, 'Godless' is rougher and tougher than anything heard before, yet retains one of the most important aspects of power metal, a catchy rhythm and an infectious chorus break. Altair are delivering a very heavy slab of power metal that borders on the heavy metal genre. Picking up the heaviness and the intensity, 'Seed Of Violence' is a swashbuckling march of heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms as it strolls on its way. The heaviest song on the album 'Seed Of Violence' is a head bangers dream as it rampages on at pace. Twin guitars duel, keyboards add to the atmosphere, and with the clean and clear vocal delivery allowing for ease of listening and singing along, Altair are proving they're adept at producing power metal of the highest order.    
The catchiness is increased with 'Flame Of Knowledge' forcing its way into view and thundering off, a little more aggressive than anything gone before. Very hard hitting with a superb vocal performance, 'Flame Of Knowledge' is a glorious gallop of power metal. A favourite off the album, 'Flame Of Knowledge' is a furious flurry of riffs, and try as I might to compare the bands sound to other bands, I just can't. Have Altair created a new sound? Not quite, but their signature sound is unique, and spread across the entire album, 'Descending: A Devilish Comedy' is simply an outstanding power metal album. 'Frozen Graves' is another majestic mid tempo romp that is so heavy, it is gonna devastate anything or anyone that stands in its way. Bombastic and beefy, 'Frozen Graves' has superb guitar solos, excellent keyboards and is just a great song. Bringing the album to a close is the atmospheric and epic six minutes plus 'A Lesson Before Ascending'. Excellence has a new meaning, as 'A Lesson Before Ascending' meanders through varying musical styles to create an interesting and addictive listen. Twisting and turning in all directions, 'A Lesson Before Ascending' is an epic long song that stands tall and proud.    
Overall, heavy power metal, catchy and addictive with a unique signature sound, that makes Altair stand out, and a band to watch out for.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV