Only Human

Vega are a hard rock band from the UK formed in 2009, with 2013 a productive year for the band, releasing their first two albums, 'Kiss Of Life' and 'What The Hell!'. The bands third album, 'Stereo Messiah' emerged the following year, with their fourth offering, 'Who We Are' released in 2016. The bands fifth album (in just five years), 'Only Human' was released in 2018.    
"what happens in Vega, stays in Vega" comments a radio presenter during the intro to 'Last Man Standing', the first single off the new album from hard rockers Vega. 'Last Man Standing' is a party anthem of the tallest order, standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Bon Jovi, Mr.Big and Great White. The album actually opens with a much harder hitting offering than 'Last Man Standing' ... 'Let's Have Fun Tonight' is bombastic, punchy and foot stompingly infectious. Smile inducing hard rock is what Vega have made their name delivering, and with five albums in five years, there seems to be no stopping this rampant rolling rock machine. Majestic and melodic, 'Worth Dying For' is a big riffing thump, punching harder than a first round knockout... Arms aloft in salute to a great song, 'Worth Dying For' is an anthemic and memorable romp that has party rock stamped all over it. Delving headlong into the AOR genre, 'Come Back Again' is soft rock of the easy going nature, and will have you swaying from side to side as it ambles along. Picking up pace and energy, 'All Over Now' is a punchy hard rock romp, anthemic party rock sounding better than ever. Clear vocals, infectious grooves and an insane amount of addictiveness, Vega are masters of delivering sing a long able, adrenalin pumping hard rock.    
If you're looking for a rock album to "rock your socks off", then 'Only Human' is the album for you. A contender for hard rock album of the year 2018, Vega are delivering a great album. This is one of those albums that when you listen to it while doing something else, you immediately stop what you're doing and dance, sing a long, mosh, head bang or do whatever you do, when a great album is flooding the airways. This is cracking stuff. Infectiousness rises right off the scale as 'Mess You Made' drifts in and sails on through the AOR and soft rock genres. Sing a long ability is one hundred percent, as is catchiness and addictiveness. Title song 'Only Human' has the "wow" factor. It is breath taking in all respects, with the hairs on the back of my arms standing tall. Feet are tapping, adrenalin is pumping and a smile is stretching from ear to ear as 'Only Human' majestically strides on. Atmospheric soft rock takes centre stage as 'Standing Still' glides in on the crest of a mellow wave, building to a crescendo, launching headlong into the bands more familiar hard rock territory.    
Returning the album to the hard hitting hard rock sound that is the signature sound of Vega, 'Gravity' is ballsy, blunt and bloody brilliant. The future of hard rock is in safe hands, and in British hands too... 'Turning Pages' is more mellow than anything else on the album and bears a resemblance to late eighties mellow Bon Jovi. Smile and sing a long is an involuntary response to this album such is its effect. 'Only Human' is an album to play in the car, with windows (or roof) down and the volume way up high. It is an album to be shared, sharing the feel good atmosphere among everyone. Loud and proud, 'Fade Away' is hard rocking hard rock off the top shelf. Catchy and infectious, 'Fade Away' is another party rock anthem, keeping the party in full swing, with smiles on the faces of everyone. Twelve songs across fifty two minutes is great on the numbers, with the twelfth and final song 'Go To War' a hustle and bustle type of song. More bluster than anything gone before, 'Go To War' is classic Vega, delivering a punching the air, adrenalin fuelled feel good atmosphere.    
Overall, a packed to the rafters album of anthemic party rock, Vega have delivered their best work to date, infectious, addictive and a bloody great listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV