Through Smoke, Comes Fire E.P.

Thuum are a sludge/groove metal band from the UK. formed in 2014, appearing at Bloodstock (UK) 2017 on the New Blood stage. Their performance was superb, quickly winning over the crowd with an energetic and passionate show. The bands passion and energy has now been laid down onto a four song E.P. 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire', released in 2018.    
Spine tingling, chilling and menacing, the E.P. opens with the six minute instrumental 'Intro'. A brave move to place an instrumental as the opening song, especially when you consider its length and only four songs on offer, but Thuum are not afraid to buck the trends of the past and do things their own way. Slow burning and haunting, 'Intro' introduces the band to a expectant audience in epic style. The atmosphere the band creates is infectious and all encompassing, 'Intro' getting heavier by the minute, until all six minutes have passed and (the seven minutes in length) 'Worthless' chimes in like a battering ram.    
The gnarling, snarling roar from the bands singer is more a blend of metalcore, hardcore and brutal thrash, than (as the band describe themselves) sludge metal. As 'Worthless' gets underway, the pounding rhythm is devastatingly heavy, the intensity and in your face attitude is extremely high and Thuum are off to a very impressive start. 'Hafgufa' is the shortest song on offer, clocking in at under four minutes, and is a thunderous thrash metal influenced assault. Pace is increased as 'Hafgufa' romps along, forging a savage path as it strides on. The bruising the senses take as 'Hafgufa' batters its way through the airways is devastating, with head banging of the vigorous and violent style an absolute must.    
The title song 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire' has a mild hint of the melodic hard rock style, yet the backbone of the song remains fully in the metalcore and thrash metal genres. The second seven minute plus song, 'Through Smoke, Comes Fire', is over two minutes in before any sign of the vocals, and when they do appear, the bands singer switches from harsh growling to a clean "rock" style. Musically, the pummelling rhythm is just awesome, head bangingly addictive, and Thuum have set the bar very high indeed. The electrifying energy of their live performances has been transferred onto disc, with a very polished and professional production.    
Overall, a savage pummelling of the senses, Thuum deliver a devastatingly heavy barrage of thrash and metalcore.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK