The Iron Son are a metalcore band from the USA formed in 2015 by former Bleeding Through frontman Brandan Schieppati and assisted by Shannon Lucas (ex drummer with The Black Dahlia Murder), Brandan has set up his own record label Pvre Evil Records and released the debut album, 'Enemy' in November 2015.    
If you're looking for an album to vent frustration, scream furiously and release tight knotted tension, then 'Enemy' from newly formed The Iron Son will do the trick. As soon as the album opener 'Worth Less' kicks in with its brutal riffing, violent rhythms and aggressive, snarling vocals you know you're in for a treat. Banging your head will never have been so furious as 'Worth Less' smacks and kicks you all over the place. 'Colder' is heavy, harsh and brash with a very aggressive vocal delivery. Thrash metal speed riffing will have the mosh pit in a frenzy and with Brendan's' unique vocal style ranging from harsh screams to an almost clean delivery 'Colder' is a blisteringly good song.    
With a guest appearance from Motionless In White vocalist Chris Cerulli, the debut single off the album 'Unleash Hell' will most likely do exactly what it says. More melodic than the opening songs, 'Unleash Hell' is still heavy as fuck and will leave you breathless from stamping, stomping and head banging. The guitar shredding is blistering and the rhythm section is rough and tough. 'This World Is Decay' is speed and aggression and will demolish walls such is its ferocity. Play this at four in the morning and wake the entire neighbourhood. 'Take No Shit' is twenty five seconds of brutal aggression that leads to the storming 'Blood'. Moving at a pace quicker than a rocket blasting off to space, 'Blood' is a breath taking burst of energy that will have you banging your head right off your shoulders.    
Title song 'Enemy' delivers a wide ranging vocal performance and much more of the same aggressive, brutal riffing heard already, but this time mixed with some cleaner riffs too. Surprises abound as 'Enemy' swings and meanders around a number of genres - have a listen and discover them all for yourself. Mid tempo, heavy stomping with a snarling growled vocal delivery mixed with clean lines too, and 'The Funeral' hits the airwaves, weaving a path of demolition leaving destruction in its wake. With plasters, bandages and countless A&E appointments, the album comes to an end with 'Moral Messiah', opening like the start of an opera, atmospheric crescendo building...but only for thirty seconds, thankfully. Aggressive vocals, shredding guitars and brutal rhythms sees the album end as it began, fast, furious and violent.    
Overall, brutal and aggressive, with a "take no shit" attitude and ferocious vocals, this is an album that rages and rants leaving you breath less.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV