The Embodied are a melodic heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2006 releasing their self titled debut album in 2011. The follow up 'Ravengod', was released in 2016.    
'Bleed' opens the new album in a flurry of bombastic waves of some of the most melodic heavy metal you will ever hear. Foot stomping and head banging is the order of the day as 'Bleed' gallops along, full of energy and raucous rhythms. 'Bleed' is catchy and infectious and will have you smiling from ear to ear. With a much more heavier feel, 'Vengeance' storms in and is mildly brutal as it bludgeons its way forward. The vocal range of the singer is astounding as he adds a blend of death metal growl and metalcore scream to his already clean and clear (typically sounding) heavy metal style. Amazingly though, it doesn't sound wrong or out of place... 'Praetor Sorrow' slows the pace to a slow and heavy foot stomp. Thunderous and chunky, 'Praetor Sorrow' has an epic style, sing a long chorus and again the song is so catchy you will be humming it for ages after it ends. The title song 'Ravengod' is thunderous melodic heavy metal at its best. It rocks hard and punches even harder as it slams the listener to the ground with its heavy guitars and raging rhythms.    
With a massively heavier guitar riff and rabid drumming, 'The Exorcist' meanders between a slow, near gothic style to a rampant heavy stomp with the vocals taking on a hint of both  the metalcore and deathcore genres. Add moments of out and out speed metal this is a musically varied song that will entertain the listener as it wanders on its way. Is it a ballad i hear before me? The opening to 'Land Of The Midnight Sun' does sound ballad like to most, but it is more influenced by the Scandinavian Folk Music sound. A departure from the signature sound that the band have, it is a brave and bold move and one, in my opinion, was well the effort. Taking on a more darker feel is 'Awaiting The End' which rumbles along with mild touches of grunge and a vocal delivery that is just awesome as the metalcore and deathcore vocal styles make an appearance again. Add in a sparkling guitar solo and 'Awaiting The End' is a great song with so much variation. Picking up the pace and hurtling through the thrash metal genre, 'I Suffocate Of Anger' is a raucous and rampant, frenetic flurry of thunderous drumming and blistering guitars. 'I Suffocate Of Anger' is gonna be a mosh pit favourite. Moving into the power ballad arena, 'Art Of Hunting' is a superb slab of mid tempo, melodic hard rock. The amount of power you can feel coming from the speakers is huge and is enough to over power you in a fight. 'Art Of Hunting' again shows that The Embodied are a band that is not afraid of experimenting with their sound and that there is more depth to both them and their music.    
Yet when 'Battle Of The Mind' races into life, The Embodied prove that they are capable of blending the thrash, power and speed metal genres with their signature melodic heavy metal style to produce a catchy and infectious song. 'Battle Of The Mind' is a superb slab of heavy metal that has everything you may have ever wanted in a dream metal song. Heads will be banging, fists will be punching the air and feet will be stomping as 'Battle Of The Mind' runs by in a flash leaving a memorable imprint on the senses. There is an old expression "save the best for last" ... and The Embodied have certainly done that. 'Death By Fire' is a superb song and one of the best i have heard in a very long time. It has pace and power, it is thunderous and has lightningly quick drumming and guitars. Add a cracking vocal delivery and a catchy chorus played over an infectious, melodic break, 'Death By Fire' made the hairs on my neck and forearms stand up...a great finish to a great album.    
Overall, an epic journey that delivers a sound blended from the thrash, power, speed and traditional heavy metal genres, this album will delight metal heads everywhere.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV