Rites Of Absolution

The Bleeding are a death/thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2010, releasing a demo in 2012 and the 'Death Eternal' E.P. in 2013. The bands first full length album, 'Rites Of Absolution' was released in 2017.    
Aggression, brutality, fierceness ... the three best words to describe the mighty debut album from The Bleeding. The atmospheric and crescendo building 'Precognition' gently slides in and then wham, the fierce aggression hits you squarely in the forehead as 'Consumed Existence' rattles into life and races off at high velocity. The band describe themselves as a blend of death and thrash metal, but for me, it's definitely a lot more thrash than it is death. 'Dreams Of Hatred' is more mid tempo pace but the vicious vocals and savage guitars will bruise and bash anyone who stands in their way. There is a certain catchiness about 'Dreams Of Hatred' that makes it addictive and a pleasure to listen to. The gut wrenching howls and screeches from the bands singer will make some people feel physically sick, but they are perfectly suited to this type of abrasive and brash thrash metal.    
With a slightly clearer sounding vocal delivery, 'Crook And Flail' has the kind of relentless, rhythmic chug that will have your head nodding and feet stomping. At just over halfway through, 'Crook And Flail' changes pace into a blistering bustle of screaming guitars and thunderous drums. Citing iconic bands Slayer, Kreator and Sepultura as influences, The Bleeding have very much taken on board these bands characteristics and proceed to pulverise the airways with their devastatingly heavy and brutal delivery. The title song 'Rites Of Absolution', dare I say it, is more metal than either thrash or death and definitely has some melodic moments as it furiously flies by. Indeed, 'Rites Of Absolution' was the first song I ever heard by The Bleeding and even before the song ends I was salivating at the prospect of listening to the entire album.    
The album is in no way a disappointment, and will thrill those fans who love the brutal nature of the German thrash metal genre. 'One Way Out' is a fierce fury of blazing guitars and aggressive, in your face style vocals, with a cracking and anthemic style sing a long chorus. The title song from the bands 2013 E.P. 'Death Eternal' makes an appearance here and is a very heavy and pulsating power house of thrash metal. The combination of death metal style vocals and the fast, furious and fierce thrash metal music is a perfect blend and The Bleeding are on to a winning formula. The final song on the album is a cover of 'Open Casket' by legendary US death metal band Death, from their 1988 album 'Leprosy'. The Bleeding have not reworked 'Open Casket' in anyway, keeping the same pace and tone as the original. A new band on the scene, The Bleeding are a definite "one to watch".    
Overall, fast and furious, fierce and vicious, this is an album of brutal thrash metal complimented with death metal style vocals.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV