Kings Among Runaways

The Approach And The Execution are a progressive metal band from the USA formed in 2009 releasing their debut album in 2011 and the follow up in 2014.    
They may call themselves "progressive" but the opening song 'The Warrior's Psalm' is pure unadulterated heavy power metal. Screaming guitars and clean, clear vocals sees 'the Warrior's Psalm' race by in a flash. Blink too many times and you will miss a superb head banging opportunity. 'March Of The Guillotine (The Blood March)' is heavy, guitar driven and with grooves and hooks making the song addictive, traditional metal heads will be licking their lips at this. Picking up the pace and rattling along like a freight train at top speed 'Hymn Of Victory' is a sparkling head banging song. Mixed in with the clean and clear vocal delivery is also a supporting cameo of death style growls and snarls. Maybe this is where the description "progressive" comes from because the music itself is out and out heavy metal.    
'A Grave Marked For Two' is up tempo, energetic with the two vocal styles working in total harmony. The chorus is catchy and sing a long making 'A Grave Marked For Two' a pleasure to listen to. The title song 'Kings Among Runaways' is a speed metal treat with blistering guitars, galloping rhythms and a memorable chorus that will surely be chanted in a live arena. 'The Plague Knows No Prejudice' leads with the gruff vocal style, but some how The Approach And The Execution merge these two styles effortlessly as though it is the most natural occurrence in the world.    
'Faith - Aligned' has a short orchestral intro before launching into another catchy and addictive, energetic and full of pace heavy metal romp. The Approach And The Execution have managed to create a unique sound, utilising two different vocal styles and turning heavy metal into harder edged heavy metal hence the "progressive" nature of their sound. 'Faith - Aligned' is memorable for all the right reasons and is a corker of a song. Leading with the gruff vocal style the album ends with the bombastic 'Ghost Pilot', all chugging guitars and rampant rhythms. The Approach And The Execution have most definitely created a unique sound.    
Overall, fast paced heavy power metal with a hard edge topped with a unique mix of clean and gruff vocals resulting in a memorable collection of songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV