Game On

The Amorettes are an all girl hard rock three piece band from the UK formed in 2010 who released their debut album in 2011. Their second album 'Game On' was released in 2015.    
Energetic and raucous with a strong hint of punk, The Amorettes are making a name for themselves with their in your face, take no prisoners style of hard rock. The new album opens with the frenetic pace and power of 'Bull By The Horns'. Powerful vocals and blistering guitar work will knock your socks off and you can actually feel the energy buzzing all around you as the aural assault takes flight. 'Fire At Will' chugs relentlessly and is a head banger of a tune. With stonking guitar hooks and superb vocals, The Amorettes are a breath of fresh air, bringing an air of excitement to the hard rock world.    
The comparison has to be made of course, to earlier all girl bands such as The Runaways, Rock Goddess and Girlschool. All justifiable a male dominated industry these bands stood up to be counted and proved that girls could rock just as hard as the boys. 'Get What's Coming' slows the pace slightly, taking on a blues ambience as it chugs and stomps on and on. Upping the tempo and turning up the heat is 'Hot And Heavy' which will have the crowd jumping up and down like maniacs and head banging like it's going out of fashion. Sweaty, denim clad, long haired youths will more than likely make up the bulk of a live audience, but believe me when I say there will be some elders there too.    
'Daddy's Got Money' bristles with energy and the lively, passionate delivery of the music is awesome. You are more likely to see The Amorettes dressed in jeans and t-shirts rather than ball gowns and it is this down to earth attitude that sees them playing live to packed venues wherever they go. 'Son Of A Gun' is heavy metal heaven and has everything you could ever want from a heavy metal song. The pace of the album is just breath taking, with no time for a coffee (or maybe a beer) break, 'Shoot From The Hip' hits you like a jack hammer and keeps hitting you, hard, with every twang, thump and screech...    
The aptly titled 'Give 'Em Hell' is what The Amorettes do every time they play. Ferocious and fearsome, the band really enjoy what they do and that comes across oh so clearly in their music. The album is exciting, passionate and is likely to propel them to the next level. 'Heartbreaker' may sound like the title of a ballad, but boy this ain't no ballad...with one of the most spectacular guitar solos on the album 'Heartbreaker' is an instant win and will have fans drooling. As an old saying goes "all good things come to an end" and so does this album, but not without one last hurrah. 'Rock Me Roll Me' is one of the hardest hitting songs and is anthemic with a sing a long chorus and an in your face attitude. If you have not yet heard The Amorettes, I strongly suggest you go get this album, sit back and enjoy. It will definitely be worth it.    
Overall, an exciting, ferociously passionate display of some of the hardest hitting hard rock/metal. A breath taking album of superb quality.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins