War Investment

Suicide Of Society are a thrash metal band from Germany, releasing their debut album 'War Investment' in 2020.    
The band deliver a no nonsense brand of thrash metal, the kind of thrash that the "Teutonic Four" gave the world. Crunching riffage to break bones, Suicide Of Society perform at high velocity, banging heads hard wherever their music is played. 'War Investment' (the album) is a ferocious forty minutes of thrash - scorching into life with the brutal barrage of 'Dream Of The Plague'. A tension filled, crescendo building one minute intro, takes us into a frantic fury as 'Dream Of The Plague' storms off. The blunt gruffness is exactly what you'd expect from German thrash metal - Suicide Of Society not letting us down. 'Heterotopia' takes on a more heavy metal feel, yet remaining heavy enough to remain standing in the thrash metal zone. Oh that buzzing guitar riff is so NWOBHM!    
The title song 'War Investment', is six minutes plus of all out, high energy, high velocity thrash, with a mid song breakdown full of melody and more NWOBHM styled riffage. Suicide Of Society are really melding the sound of traditional heavy metal and thrash to perfection. It's seamless! 'Mass Of Violence' increases the pace to break neck speed, yet keeps the albums overall bluntness in place. The savage barrage that Suicide Of Society dish out with 'Mass Of Violence' is vicious. And that chant style chorus is also kinda rabble rousing too. At over eight minutes in length, 'Planet Babylon' is by far and away the longest song on offer, and has an incredible one and a half minute thrash/traditional heavy metal intro. Speed, heaviness, brutality and ferocity are all present and correct. As 'Planet Babylon' gallops on furiously, you realise just how much Suicide Of Society straddle the border between thrash and heavy metal. This is an album that will attract fans from both genres.    
'Industrial Scavengers' is a heavy hitting, almost crossover thrash styled romp. Not quite a Mordred or a Suicidal Tendencies crossover, but more like an Anthrax crossover thrash moment. But that said, 'Industrial Scavengers' is not gonna lose any of Suicide Of Society's fans. It's likely that their fan base is going to grow even more diverse. 'Nothing Is Real' brings the sound of traditional thrash metal to the fore, yet still manages to throw in the odd traditional heavy metal nuance. Suicide Of Society are impressing with their debut, showing their capability in two genres, opening their musical direction to a wide array of fans. The final song on offer is the self titled 'Suicide Of Society' - the most blunt and aggressive song on offer. The pace and power is top notch, with 'Suicide Of Society' a belter to end a very good album.    
Overall, Suicide Of Society combine thrash and traditional heavy metal, producing an intense aural barrage of great pleasure.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV