Mirrored Revenge

Sorceress Of Sin are a melodic power metal band from the UK formed in 2020, releasing their debut album 'Mirrored Revenge' later the same year.    
Blending the signature traits of power metal, symphonic metal, and the classic sound of traditional heavy metal, British newcomers Sorceress Of Sin storm onto the metal scene with their stunning debut album. The five piece outfit from the country that gave heavy metal to the world, are on fantastic form as they gallop through ten songs in a little under fifty minutes. The barn storming opener 'Vixen Of Virtue' is a thunderstorm of foot on the monitor style heavy metal that launches the album straight in to the stratosphere - mixing with bands such as Judas Priest, and any of the European heavy/power metallers from the past forty years. An incredible opening gambit, Sorceress Of Sin immediately capitalise on their stunning start, by hitting the listener with an even better slab of heavy metal. 'Multifaceted Survival' is heavier, groovier, and much more melodic than 'Vixen Of Virtue', and sees the band getting into their stride. Stretching their legs, the band increase the intensity ten fold with the fast paced and very heavy, title song 'Mirrored Revenge'. Sorceress Of Sin are only an infant in terms of longevity, but on the basis of just the three songs heard so far, can look forward to enjoying a very long career, a career in the realms of a Priest, or a Maiden.    
In 2010, Forbes (business magazine from America well known for its lists and rankings) described Cambridge as "one of the most beautiful cities in the world", and now the city is beautiful in the eyes of the world again, for the emergence of Lisa Skinner and company. The vocal talents of Lisa are comparable to the greats Halford and Dickinson, the bands ear catching brand of metal is breathless, and right here right now is the next formidable force in British heavy metal. The album progresses to impress, with 'Wicked Distortion' increasing the pace and power, fairly galloping forth with fiery intent. If you take the best protagonists of US and European power metal, and blend them with the best of British, then you get Sorceress Of Sin as the end result. And what a result! A Nobel prize winning result. I can't praise Sorceress Of Sin enough - and we're not even half way through their debut album yet - yes, debut... Bloody incredible!    
'Splintered Shard' moves the album forward at pace, slamming the listener with riff after riff that just emanates pure and unabashed heavy metal. This is an album of pure gold, a trinket of exquisite beauty, a holy grail of perfect albums - remember the first time hearing "The Number Of The Beast"?, "Reign In Blood"?, "Keeper Of The Seven Keys"?, "Ride The Lightning"?, and "Back In Black"?, 'Mirrored Revenge' ranks up there will all of 'em. Absolutely stunning! Powering on, Sorceress Of Sin step up a gear with the lightning quick 'Aradia', moving into the realms of symphonic heavy/power metal. 'Aradia' is fast and furious, banging heads hard as it gallops by with a huge amount of intent and purpose. And suddenly, all pace and power is dropped in favour of (the customary) power ballad that adorns many modern day metal albums. And what a belter 'Echoes Of Existence' is - tension filled and full of emotion, a live crowd are gonna be a sea of lighters held high and swaying bodies. And Lisa's soaring vocals, fucking hell!    
And as we enter the final stretch, Sorceress Of Sin have made a very late entry for Album Of The Year. And when I say late, it's no longer 2020, but with so much great metal released last year, any titles or awards are still up for grabs. In fact, I think Sorceress Of Sin should also be in the running for Debut Of The Year, Vocal Performance Of The Year, Biggest Surprise Of The Year, Song Of The Year - take your pick... And almost immediately we're back in to the heavy hitting fast paced zone again, with 'Parallel Lies' hitting harder than anything that has gone before. The classic sound of traditional heavy metal is fused perfectly with symphonic metal to produce an infectiousness second to none. The groove, the riff, the rhythm - there'll all spot on as Sorceress Of Sin continue to deliver a perfect album. Echoing the atmosphere and tension filled epics of Iron Maiden, 'Cold Carnality' is a melodic masterpiece. The mid tempo swagger has a sharp edge that gives it a glory metal feel, capturing an anthemic vibe that is simply out of this world. And to the albums final hurrah - 'Empyre Of Stones'. A lightning quick power metal rampage full of aggression and pace, ferociously spat vocals, and a thunderous rhythm - yet for all the fire and brimstone, there is an amazing melodic streak running through 'Empyre Of Stones' from the very first second to the last. It's hard to choose a favourite song as they're all stunners, but suffice to say, Sorceress Of Sin have delivered a peach of a debut album. Highly recommended.    
Overall, a perfect album in everyway, Sorceress Of Sin have thrilled and excited with their blend of heavy hitting symphonic power metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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