Apocalyptic Rhymes

Septagon are a thrash/power metal band from Germany formed in 2013 by Lanfear and Them guitarist Markus "Ulle" Ullrich, with Atlantean Kodex vocalist Markus Becker. Their vision, to blend the iconic Bay Area Thrash sound with the classic power metal sound, resulted in the bands 2016 debut album 'Deadhead Syndicate'. Septagon realised they "could do better", and set about writing songs for their second album, which would become 'Apocalyptic Rhymes', released in 2018.    
Opening with a menacingly spoken word passage over a crescendo building musical procession, 'The End' gets the sophomore album by German metallers Septagon under way. The thunderous 'The Weight Of The World' quickly follows and steams forth, all hustle, bustle and attitude as it sets a ferocious pace. The combination of two genres, thrash and power, is not a new mix and has been done many times before. Germany is well known the world over for producing bands of the thrash and power metal style. So if you take the likes of Kreator and Helloween, you will have some idea of the sound of Septagon. 'Home, Sweet Hell' is a majestic march of heavy power metal, that actually borders on the melodic. An infectious chorus break, sing a long able and catchy, adds to the albums "come and listen to me" feel. Title song 'Apocalyptic Rhymes' brings forth the Megadeth style of thrash metal - thunderously heavy and in your face. The chant style chorus is gonna be a great experience live, with everyone singing along in unison.    
Forty one minutes and ten songs may seem a little light for a modern day album, but the songs on offer all have their own character and attraction, with each one making a stand! Chainsaw buzz sounding style guitars launch 'Make A Stand' in a furious flurry of aggression. More in your face than anything heard so far, 'Make A Stand' has all the hallmarks of thrash metal and is a barn storming song. Power metal streaks out of the speakers as 'The Unfathomable Evil' roars into life and romps on. Melodic and catchy with touches of heavy rock thrown in, 'The Unfathomable Evil' is one of the lightest songs on offer and will appeal to both rock and metal fans. The highest tempo and most head bangingly addictive song on offer, as well as the most catchy and sing a long able, oh what the hell, it's just the best fucking song on the album okay! 'P.O.T.U.S.A.' is simply superb and will push adrenalin levels to the max. 'P.O.T.U.S.A.' has pace, power, energy and is lively from start to finish. The sentiment that Sepatgon deliver during the chorus break is, I'm sure, gonna connect with much of the American population...    
The up tempo and lively feel is carried on with the heavy, power metal march of 'Cosmic Outrage'. Thundering on at pace, 'Cosmic Outrage' will keep heads nodding hard and smiles open wide, as Septagon continue to deliver an addictive and infectious journey of thrash and power metal. Bustling into life, 'Nothingness Awaits' is a fiery foray of in your face thrash. More attitude than any other song on offer, 'Nothingness Awaits' is a raging romp. The final song on the album is an epic seven minutes in length and is by far and away the longest song on offer. A much more mellow opening, perilously close to sounding like a ballad, 'Sunset Blood' builds into a hard rocking heavy rock song with an acute leaning toward power ballad territory. As 'Sunset Blood' progresses, it does very well to stay too heavy to be an out and out ballad, you know, lighters in the air and swaying from side to side! What 'Sunset Blood' does offer though, is plenty of music to enjoy courtesy of its length.    
Overall, an infectious blend of two great heavy metal genres - thrash and power, Septagon deliver an addictive and head noddingly attractive album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV