The Outer Limits

Selenseas are a power metal band from Russia formed in 2010. The band released their debut E.P. in 2016, and their debut album in 2017. A live album, recorded at the Rock House Club, Moscow, was released in 2018, with the bands second studio album 'The Outer Limits', an English version of their 2017 debut.    
Presenting a brand of power metal that is lighter than the traditional brand of European power metal, the Russian six piece outfit Selenseas release 'The Outer Limits' portraying a sound that I'm gonna call power rock! 'The Outer Limits' is very melodic, lacking the all out pace and oomph of traditional power metal, the kind of power metal you get from bands such as Helloween, Primal Fear and Sabaton. That said, 'The Outer Limits' is very infectious, and will keep your attention across its forty seven minutes playing time - although frustration may rise to the surface of some fans who are expecting emphatic and fast paced power metal. The one minute intro 'Intro', is a folk metal tinged, atmospheric beginning, with the album getting underway proper with 'Hope' - a bombastic mid to high tempo, catchy romp. Easy on the ears, 'Hope' is infectious, pulling you into the Selenseas orbit and holding you there while the band slap you round the head with their blend of power metal, oops, power rock... 'Frigate' maintains the albums "easy listening" start, adding elements of the folk and pirate metal genres. Echoes of German metallers Running Wild can be heard if you listen closely enough, with Selenseas gently battering listeners with hooks and melodies that will live long in the memory.    
A little heavier than the opening double, 'Time' borders on the anthemic style - bold and big riffs and, whoa, where did that turn of speed come from? And almost as quickly as it appeared, it disappears - resuming the mid tempo power rock, the signature sound of Selenseas, and the genre the band stand fast in. 'Asgard' is fairly brisk and quite lively, with wild head nodding (as head banging is no where near appropriate) the order of the day. You really do get a sense of travelling on a pirate ship sailing the high seas, with the crew singing shanties and swigging rum - well, I do... 'The Revenge Of The Ifrit' features the vocal talents of fellow countryman Sergei Lazar (Apkoha, Rossomahaar, Nargathrond), and is a much more moody trot than what has been heard so far. Influences of traditional heavy metal and folk can be heard all the way through 'The Revenge Of The Ifrit' - the only song on offer to breach the six minute mark.    
Atmospheric and mellow, 'Dante' borders power ballad territory as it sweeps on by, with visions of a night time setting upon the pirate ship, with fires burning and half the crew in a drunken state - the other half sat down and swaying to 'Dante' as they slowly drift off to sleep. Bustling pace gives life to 'The Mirror' - the fastest song on the album, not a fast song, but the fastest on the album. Metal and rock nuances combine perfectly to give 'The Mirror' the oomph to appeal to a wide ranging spectrum of musical preferences. The shortest song on offer 'The Flame Of Dawn', is not short of infectious traits. A beefy and upbeat romp, 'The Flame Of Dawn' is a definite highlight off the album. And talking of highlights - the hugely melodic 'The Milky Way' has gotta become a crowd favourite. The catchy and sing a long style is surely gonna appeal to fans all around the world. Ending the album is the title song 'The Outer Limits' - ending the album as it began, an easy listening blend of mid to high tempo power rock! Oh, and 'The Outer Limits' (the song) is also an instrumental, well actually, it sounds more like a song without the vocals - but I'll leave you to decide which...    
Overall, an infectious folk and pirate metal tinged journey, 'The Outer Limits' is melodic power metal to get your head nodding.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV