Scars are a thrash metal band from Brazil, originally forming in 1991, featuring on the 1994 split album 'Ultimate Encore', with Zero Vision and Distraught. The band have been on hiatus twice, releasing just the one studio album - 2008's 'Devilgod Alliance'. The live album 'Armageddon On Tour 2019' was released in, err, 2019, with the bands second studio album 'Predatory', a 2020 release.    
Although the band have had a stop/start career, they have been around for three decades, enduring several line-up changes. The bands new album 'Predatory', is a thrash-fest, with singer Regis F. fairly bellowing the lyrics - roaring like a wild beast celebrating its latest kill. The album is full of menace and aggression over its forty six minutes run time, with five of the six songs on offer exceeding six minutes in length! The album crackles into life with the title song 'Predatory', a fast paced and fairly bruising assault of aggression and menace. The bellowing vocals snarl and spit venom as 'Predatory' (the song) thunders on by. 'These Bloody Days' is a two and a half minute rocket blast. Very much up front and in your face, 'These Bloody Days' will get any mosh pit started...    
...with fans head banging and raising fists high in the air. Coasting in on an air of menace and mood, 'Ancient Power' soon changes pace to become a fierce and fiery thrash metal assault. The thundering pace of 'Ancient Power' is breathless, the band delivering roundhouses of the most vicious nature. Boy are listeners gonna be bruised after listening to this album... A spine chilling and scary opening introduces 'Sad Darkness Of The Soul', a heavy foot stomping powerhouse of mid tempo thrash. A deep gravel edged rasp is blended with Regis F.'s incredible roar to produce a vocal performance so aggressive it'll lacerate your ears and make 'em bleed. Scars are delivering one helluva mean and darkly sinister album. Fear for your life ladies and gents, this is intensely aggressive. 'The Unsung Requiem' is a two minute atmospheric and tense instrumental, that marks the halfway point of the album - and what a first half!    
The second half is launched in a blazing furore with 'Ghostly Shadows'. Hitting hard and slicing with as much devastation as using a chainsaw to slice bread, 'Ghostly Shadows' pounds away relentlessly. 'The 72 Faces Of God' lifts the album out of the "traditional" thrash metal sound, introducing a touch of "foot on the monitor" heavy metal. With it's lighter, and fairly catchy rhythm, 'The 72 Faces Of God' will appeal to metal fans who don't normally have thrash on their playlists. Sizzling guitars bring 'Beyond The Valley Of Despair' to life, stomping heavily as it gets underway. Mood and menace abound as 'Beyond The Valley Of Despair' returns the album to its thrash metal roots. Bringing the album to a close is the atmospheric intro'd 'Violent Show' - proceeding to show a clean pair of heels and rocket off at high velocity. Pace and power shine through big time, with 'Violent Show' ending a very good album in great style.    
Overall, a fierce and fiery relentless journey of heavy hitting thrash metal to head bang furiously to.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV