Abandon Earth

Savage Machine are a heavy metal band from Denmark, forming in 2010 as Momentum, changing their name to Savage Machine in 2014 and releasing the six song E.P. 'Through The Iron Forest'. The band played at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 2015 and have toured with Lords Of Black and DragonForce. 'Abandon Earth' is the bands debut album and was released in 2018.    
Effects laden and atmospheric, opening song 'Exodus' burns slowly into life, assuming the galloping romp of the traditional style of heavy metal. Foot tappingly addictive, 'Exodus' is a bold opening song, clocking in at over six minutes in length. The album is also fairly long in length too, lasting fifty five minutes. 'Age Of Machines' picks up speed and sets a scorching pace at it flies along, emoting the sound of the mid eighties NWOBHM sound. The twin guitar attack is in full swing, the thunderous rhythm invoking vigorous head banging, Savage Machine have impressed with this opening double salvo. The bombastic barrage shows no sign of letting up either as 'The Hunter' rumbles in, taking on a much heavier vibe, with a much more powerful vocal performance too. 'The Hunter' is a clash of sounds, the NWOBHM meets European power metal. All pace and power disappear as 'Time Traveller' glides in, all mellow and soulful, creating a ballad style atmosphere. Time for swaying from side to side, 'Time Traveller' is an epic and glory metal style song, delivered with the feel of the anthemic metal genre too. At over seven minutes in length, 'Time Traveller' meanders on its way, moving effortlessly from power ballad to hard rock to power metal and all styles of heavy metal in between.    
Savage Machine are proving themselves adapt at varying their style of music through a number of genres, making their debut album an intriguing and attractive listen. Glorious and epic, echoing everything the glory style of heavy metal has to offer, 'Behind The Veil' is emotionally charged and delivered with a massive amount of passion. Returning the album to its galloping roots, 'The Fourth Dimension' is bustling heavy rock, with foot stamping and head nodding the order of the day. Savage Machine are from Denmark, in mainland Europe, yet they have managed to master the sound of British heavy metal perfectly. Acoustically building into a crescendo, 'Fall Of Icarus' eventually explodes into life, pounding hard with the heaviest vibe on the album. Hitting very hard 'Fall OF Icarus' will demolish buildings and leave only devastation in its wake.    
Increasing the levels of energy and intensity and racing along at high speed, 'Event Horizon' is a two minute "foot on the monitor" romp of blistering heavy metal. Fast and furious, 'Event Horizon' is a head bangers dream and a definite favourite of mine on the album. 'Savior' is over eight minutes of the best heavy rock this album has to offer. Atmospheric and epic 'Savior' emanates traditional heavy metal from start to finish. Galloping furiously, the mosh pit a frenzied blur, the crowd all fist punching the air in unison, 'Savior' is destined to become one of the best Savage Machine songs. 'Savior' is a superb "foot on the monitor" style romp. Bringing the album to an end is the foot stomping heavy hustle and bustle 'Welcome To Hell'. A thunderous mid tempo rampage, 'Welcome To Hell' brings the curtain down on a very impressive first full length offering.    
Overall, an impressive debut, combining the sounds of the NWOBHM with the European style of power metal, 'Abandon Earth' is an attractive listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV