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Satan are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 1979, and are one of the many bands that helped form, and shape the direction of the legendary NWOBHM evolution during the early eighties. Along with bands such as Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Holocaust, Praying Mantis and Rock Goddess, an iconic sound was forged, a sound that went on to dominate the world through bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and Judas Priest. 1983 saw Satan release the seminal 'Court In The Act', regarded as one of the first albums to incorporate thrash metal into the burgeoning NWOBHM genre. The band have undergone a number of personnel changes over the years, and has included members from many other bands, such as Atomkraft, Avenger, Blitzkrieg and Persian Risk.    
Satan released their second album 'Suspended Sentence' in 1987 and have also changed their name twice, releasing albums under the names Blind Fury and Pariah. The band got together for a one off performance at the legendary German Wacken Open Air Festival in 2004, re-uniting in full seven years later and releasing two albums, 'Life Sentence' (2013) and 'Atom By Atom' (2015). The bands fifth album 'Cruel Magic' is due for release in autumn 2018, with the single 'The Doomsday Clock' just released.    
Now, before I write my review, there's something that I've just gotta to say...whether it's fate, fortune or just a freak of a fucking coincidence, this review is my 666th . . . un-fucking-believable that a band with the name Satan is review 666! I would say that the gods are looking down on me, but it's more likely that satan is looking up at me! Anyways, now that I've gotten that remarkable fact off my chest, on with my review. Satan may be one of the elders of the NWOBHM evolution, but they are no where near the twilight of their career just yet. Recent performances have shown they still have fire and passion, and their new single offers up all the proof you'll ever need.    
A short mellow opening breathes life into 'The Doomsday Clock', before it breaks out into a rampant gallop. Fast paced and furious, the new single is "foot on the monitor" heavy metal at its very best. The urgent pace is head bangingly addictive, the chorus is anthemic and chant-able, and 'The Doomsday Clock' is a mouth watering appetiser for the upcoming album.    
Overall, a fast and furious gallop of "foot on the monitor" style, traditional heavy metal by one of the pioneers of the legendary NWOBHM evolution.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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