Heavy Metal Sacrifice

Sacred Steel are a power metal band from Germany forming in 1997, releasing their debut album the same year. Germany continue to be the greatest producer of power metal bands and Sacred Steel are a superb addition to the long line of bands to have emerged from Germany. With an almost twenty year recording history, Sacred Steel have just unleashed album number nine, 'Heavy Metal Sacrifice'.    
"put the needle to the vinyl, crank the volume up to ten" is one of the greatest retro lyrics I've heard for what seems like an eternity, and as lead singer Gerrit P Mutz screams it during the opening song, 'Heavy Metal Sacrifice', I am taken back to my teenage years during the eighties when playing vinyl was all I ever did...'Heavy Metal Sacrifice' (the song) is a full on, highly energetic, rocket powered blast of aggression and passion. Speeding along at a frightening pace, 'Heavy Metal Sacrifice' is a shredders dream of blistering riffs. Moving swiftly into the foot stompingly heavy mid tempo 'The Sign Of The Skull', the album takes on a very heavy, hard rock melodic feel. The guitars buzz and the drums will crush buildings such is their power. Blistering pace returns as 'Hail The Godz Of War' takes off at such a high velocity it threatens to break the sound barrier. Sacred Steel have the ability to move effortlessly from speed metal to melodic hard rock in the blink of an eye, with no loss of passion, addictiveness or the attention of the listener. 'Vulture Priest' rumbles like a distant thunder storm and will have your feet stomping the ground and fists punching the air in line with the chugging, infectious rhythm.    
The vocals are delivered with passion and the guitar sound is a superb blend of the German power metal sound and the evolutionary NWOBHM. Thrown in galloping rhythms and anthemic style songs and 'Heavy Metal Sacrifice' (the album) is quickly becoming one of the best releases of 2016. 'Children Of The Sky' ups both the tempo and intensity and has one of those incredibly catchy and sing along choruses. In a live arena, the audience will lap this up and all sing in unison. Thunderous and majestic, the seven minute plus 'Let There Be Steel' is an epic song of immense proportions. Blistering pace mixed with a mid tempo stomping chorus break and the anthemic chant "let there be metal, let there be steel, stand and kill, let there be metal, let there be Sacred Steel". The bands legions of fans will be singing this forever.    
Heavy, buzzing and chugging, 'Chaos Unleashed' is a brilliant example of how catchy, slow and heavy power metal can be. Listen carefully and you can detect an early Black Sabbath influence as the huge riffing 'Chaos Unleashed' relentlessly marches on. Electrifying pace returns as 'The Dead Walk The Earth' explodes into life and rages on through blistering riffs and rampant rhythms. Another catchy chorus and 'The Dead Walk The Earth' continues the amazing sound and feel this album generates with hairs on the arms standing up and bristling with excitement. As the album end draws near, the melodic nature rises up and stands tall as the majestic epic 'Beyond The Gates Of Nineveh' rolls in and stamps its authority. Bombastic, buzzing and brilliant, 'The Gates Of Nineveh' has very heavy guitars, rhythms that trot and will send you reaching for the replay button...but not before the intriguingly titled, sub one minute 'Iron Donkey' thunders past in an aggressive flurry of rampant riffs.    
Overall, a superb blend of speed metal and melodic hard rock that will have you head banging very hard to the infectious and catchy nature of every song.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV