They Rise

Ruthless are a power metal band from the USA formed in 1982 releasing an E.P. in 1984 and their debut album in 1986. The band have been on hiatus for nearly twenty years, reforming at the Keep It True festival in 2009. Their second album was released at the beginning of 2015.    
With a twenty year gap between albums, Ruthless have lost none of the ferocity, passion or desire that they had in the mid eighties. The new album does actually sound like it belongs in the mid eighties alongside contemporaries Twisted Sister and W.A.S.P. Bold and brash, powerful and mildly aggressive, 'Defender' opens the album in a blaze of guitars and drums. Fists will punch the air, heads will head bang and every metal head who was around during the eighties heavy metal evolution will be grinning with delight. 'Laceration' immediately slows the pace for the intro, before, wham, bam and slam...heavy, hard edged metal with a menacing vocal delivery smacks you around the head. 'They Rise' opens with a doom metal vibe, then gets so heavy it's liable to pound you into the ground and then stomp all over you. The riffs are huge, the backline demonic and the vocals take on a gravel edge.    
Guitar driven 'Circle Of Trust' displays a Megadeth style aggressive intensity and a blunt, slam you into a wall feeling. The furious and frenetic 'Hang Man' borders thrash metal territory as it aggressively speeds at full tilt leaving only devastation in its wake. The album takes a breather from the pulsating pace with 'Time Waits', which takes on a power ballad feel, breaking off during the chorus to employ some of the heaviest guitars heard on the album. The blazing 'Out Of The Ashes' is up next with duelling guitars and a thunderous rhythm guaranteed to instantly get your head banging. The sub three minute torpedo 'Frustration' is liable to work out most of your frustrations with its brutally aggressive and explicit lyrical content. Rampant and raucous 'Frustration' is one of those songs to play at one in the morning if you really hate your neighbours.    
Returning the album to straightforward, mid tempo heavy metal is 'Systematic Terror' with an anthemic chorus that will be chanted in every mosh pit at every venue that Ruthless play. The sinister titled 'Gates Of Hell' gallops and strides majestically with heavy, chugging guitars and a menacing, almost venomous vocal style. 'Metal Without Mercy' is one of the most apt song titles and also expressions that can be used to describe the relentless heavy metal stomp that Ruthless deliver. The no nonsense, take no prisoners, aggressive aural assault is a pleasure. 'Metal Without Mercy' is heavy, brutal and will make you bang your head hard...just be sure you don't knock yourself out!    
Full of attitude and angst 'Bury The Axe' is a heavy romp of heavy guitars and powerful vocals. Ruthless have delivered a blistering follow up to their debut album, despite the twenty years in between them. The band haven't lost any of their passion, desire or skill. 'The Fever' increases the tempo to a thunderous rampage, with aggressive vocals and chopping guitars. The album is brought to a close by the heavy and dark 'Mass Killer'. Mid tempo chugging and chopping guitars keep the heads banging and fists raised.    
Overall, aggressive and at times brutal but always chugging and thunderous, the album is stacked full of rollicking, raucous, heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV