Wake Up

Rose'n are a heavy metal band from Germany who released their debut album in 2015.    
Germany have always been and will always be a superb breeding country for superb bands. Thrash metal giants Kreator, Sodom and Tankard... Power metal giants Helloween, Grave Digger, Accept and Rose'n... Whoa, who? Yes, Rose'n, they are a band that have been around since the mid eighties but failed to maintain stability and took some breaks during this time. However, here they are with a debut release and the opening song 'Flying' is typical power metal fare, big chunky riffs, powerful vocals and a high intensity mid tempo pace. 'Table's Turned' picks up the pace and races off like the hare around a dog track.    
'Tonight' is Manowar-esque as it stomps majestically, all big guitar riffs and a mid tempo rhythm. Upping the tempo and energy levels, 'Take Me To The Top' is a raucous and bombastic heavy romp with 'Don't Rush Ones Fences' a storming blast of hard rock. Clean and clear guitar work with a unique vocal style, Rose'n are a tight unit that have played together for many many years in a live arena. 'Decide It' is another in the style of manowar, all anthemic and chunky with powerful vocals and a catchy chorus.    
As a choice of a band to cover, Evanescence would not have been top of my list, but here is Rose'n covering 'My Immortal' and ... well, oops. No where near the original, Rose'n appear to have torn it apart and pieced it together with no idea of how. This is understandably my opinion and I think they have messed up with their choice of how to play this cover. Thankfully Rose'n return to their roots with 'Dreamer' and do what they do best - play mid tempo, high energy, high intensity heavy metal. 'Tales' is more of the same and just maybe Rose'n are lacking in ideas and can only play the one style of music! Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but you would like to hear some variety and adventure when listening to a new album. And, you don't get that with the final song either...'Wake Up' brings the album to a close with yet another "safe zone" style of mid tempo heavy metal.    
Overall, an album full of mid tempo, power metal played with an exceptional skill level, but lacking ideas and rarely deviating from a "safe zone".    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records