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Rizon are a melodic rock/metal band from Sweden formed in 1997 releasing their debut album in 2005. Two further albums followed in 2008 and 2012 establishing them as a force in European rock/metal. With a couple of line-up changes and the addition of a female singer to share the lead vocals, Rizon released their fourth album in 2016.    
With a light yet heavy melodic feel, Rizon get their new album off to a bombastic start with 'Nevermore'. A perfect blend of guitars and keyboards, male and female lead vocals and an infectious rhythm, 'Nevermore' is a song to make you smile and tap your feet. Picking up the pace 'Feel The Heat' gallops along, with catchy guitar hooks and an infectious groove that will now have your head nodding too. 'Feel The Heat' is one of those "feel good" songs that will change your mood for the better, with immediate effect. Come on now everyone, sing that chorus out loud... A slower pace and a thunderous rhythm, 'Midnight Sun' chugs relentlessly and again will have your feet tapping, head nodding and that huge grin on your face will stretch from ear to ear. Hard hitting, hard rocking melodic rock is what Rizon play and 'If You Rule The World' is a superb example of this. Upbeat and up tempo with an addictive rhythm, 'If You Rule The World' keeps the hard rock flowing,just like lava down a volcano.    
Get those lighters in the air and prepare to sway from side to side waving your arms in the air as 'Lost Without You' strolls in and casually grips you in a wave of emotion. Powerfully sung with tonnes of emotion and passion, the duel lead vocal style is perfect. With a slow, darker and more moody feel 'I Follow You' is the kind of song that creeps up on you, and when the soaring female vocals begin, a chill runs up your spine as the song takes on a slow, thunderous foot stomp. All the songs on the album share the lead vocals, male and female, but not like a duet, more like complimenting each other. A buzzing guitar riff welcomes 'Me' to the fray and the pace is picked up as 'Me' rocks hard, chugs endlessly and gives off so much catchiness, you will be hooked, singing along to the chorus and tapping your feet in appreciation. 'New Age Dawn' is high on keyboards and displays a more progressive nature to the traditional hard rock Rizon play. Vocals are awesome, the rhythm is addictive and Rizon have a cracking ability to deliver catchy, sing a long choruses with every song they write.    
Upping the tempo and intensity 'No Way Out' is a barrage of bombastic riffing that will get your feet stomping. The chorus is anthemic and I defy anyone not to chant, no shout out "no way out" as the song rumbles on and on, lifting the atmosphere. With the album heading towards the end 'Timebomb' is an epic journey of guitars, keyboards and superb vocals. 'Timebomb' is a hard rocking song that once again has that all so addictive and catchy chorus. This is more than just an album of hard rock, it is an album of pleasurable hard rock that will put a huge smile on your face and have you reaching for the replay button as soon as it ends. Bringing the album to its end is the two part 'Freedom Of Life' - part one is a one minute atmosphere building intro that crashes into part two in a blaze of keyboards and galloping rhythms. Overloaded with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, 'Freedom Of Life' is upbeat, up tempo hard rock to please the senses and keep you smiling for ages. But then, what else would you expect from Rizon? It's what they do...    
Overall, hard hitting, hard rocking, infectious melodic hard rock that is catchy, foot tappingly and head noddingly addictive.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV