Revolution Within are a thrash metal band from Portugal formed in 2005 who released their debut album in 2009. Their second album followed in 2012 and their third in 2016.    
If brutal thrash metal packed with raw aggression and anger is your kinda thing, then look no further than Revolution Withins' new album 'Annihilation'. The title of the album is an accurate description of what is to come...the music will annihilate your senses and have you reaching for the aspirin. Opening the album is the ferocious 'Annihilation' which packs more than just a punch, it packs a drop kick too. Brutal and aggressive, 'Annihilation' is the thunderous type of thrash metal that evolved through Germany during the mid eighties with legends Sodom and Kreator. Gruff and growling, the vocals are blunt and in your face with raging guitars and rampant rhythms. 'A Fortress Around My Fate' continues the brutal assault, picking up the pace and bludgeoning the listener with ferocious riffing and attitude laden vocals. Revolution Within are more than just a hard, fast and raw thrash metal band, they have finesse and skill, with intricate guitar work and songs that have been excellently written and expertly played. The blend of thrash and traditional heavy metal is superb with 'Growing Inside' a rampant romp. Not letting up in pace or ferocity, this is an album of breath taking speed and brutality.    
Head banging this hard may numb the senses of the lesser mortal, but for the rest of us, this is euphoric. 'Countdown To...' is a superb one minute atmospheric, scene setting intro to 'Suicide Inheritance' which is just breath taking as it rattles and rages along at high velocity. The raw power that emits from every twang and thump is ferocious and so powerful that buildings will crumble and land will be devastated. Pace slows with an almighty heavy guitar riff breathing life into 'From Madness To Sanity'. Stomping majestically, this is slow and heavy thrash metal that just pounds at the senses. And that guitar riff...just awesome! Towards the end of 'From Madness To Sanity' there is a dramatic turn of speed and well, i can't tell you everything now can i ? This is one surprise you will have to find out for yourself.    
'Until I See The Devil Dies' returns the album to its out and out thrash metal roots with a ferocious riff and high velocity rhythm. The mosh pit will just be a sea of banging heads and fists punching the air. The blistering pace of the album shows no sign of slowing as 'Manhunt' storms off at break neck speed, all blunt and grunt and full to the brim with raw power. Thundering in like a stampeding herd of rhino, 'Without A Reason For Denial' is top speed, top notch thrash metal played at a ferocious pace with so much brutality and aggression. This album will leave you breathless, and leave you it does, all too soon as the final song approaches...'This Dying World' brings the album to a close at a scorching pace. Traditional heavy metal sounding guitar riffing blended with a thunderous thrash metal rhythm sees 'This Dying World' end the album very much on a high. The entire album is packed with thrillers and any fan of the brutal thrash metal genre will love this and instantly reach for the replay button when the album ends.    
Overall, ferocious and aggressive fast paced brutal thrash metal that is simply breath taking. 'Annihilation' is a superb album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV