Revolution Saints are a hard rock band from the USA, who fall in to the category of "supergroups" - by featuring some of the most renowned and revered musicians ever to grace the world of rock/AOR. Similar to other recently formed supergroups such as Metal Allegiance, Hollywood Vampires and The Three Tremors... Revolution Saints feature a star-studded line up: bass player Jack Blades (Night Ranger/Damn Yankees), drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey/The Dead Daises/Hardline) and guitarist Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake/Dio/The Dead Daises). Lead vocals are shared by Blade and Castronovo, with the touring band completed by Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards) and Steve Toomey (drums). The band released their self titled debut album in 2015, followed two years later by their second album 'Light In The Dark'.    
Forging a sound that is unmistakably AOR/melodic rock orientated, Revolution Saints released their third album 'Rise' in 2020 - a monumental slice of feel good "party anthems". Fans of AOR/rock should recognise the names Blade/Castronovo/Aldrich - if you don't, where the hell have you been living for the last four decades? These musicians have performed at the highest level and featured on landmark albums by some of AOR/rocks finest - and with their new band Revolution Saints, they are performing just as good, if not better, than ever! 'Rise' (the album) is nothing short of stunning - eleven songs across fifty minutes, and not one fails to hit to the spot. Album opener 'When The Heartache Has Gone' is about the most exciting way you could hope for an album to begin. Quickly into its stride, 'When The Heartache Has Gone' is a party anthem that will definitely "get the party" started. It's infectious and catchy, sing a long able, and a cracking piece of happy mood inducing melodic rock. But seriously, what else would you have expected from these three luminaries?    
'Price We Pay' has a little less of the party anthem sheen of the opener, but still swaggers on majestically like the melodic hard rock offering it is. After just two songs, Blades, Castronovo and Aldrich prove just why they have enjoyed such longevity in the worldwide rock scene. With an increase in energy and tempo, the title song 'Rise' is a swashbuckling heavy hitter, a catchy cracker, and a highly infectious rocker that will definitely put a smile on everyone's face. As will 'Coming Home'... The catchiness and feel good factor of this album is way off the scale, 'Coming Home' involuntarily forcing feet to tap - and tap hard. I tell ya, play this album at any party and everyone is gonna have a good time. Guaranteed. And now it's time for a slow dance, as the power ballad 'Closer' swishes into life. Partners pull each other close, the lights go down, and the air fills with emotion, as 'Closer' touches the hearts of everyone. And then with a blast of bombastic energy, the atmosphere changes, and excited dancing ensues, the only kind of dancing that could accompany 'Higher'. What an anthem, and what a party to be at.    
Whoa, I didn't expect that! One of the hardest rocking songs the album has to offer 'Talk To Me', features female vocals, courtesy of Italian singer Erika Luna Ceruti, known professionally in the rock and fashion world as Lunakaire. The whole feel of the album just took on a massive slant with 'Talk To Me' - the different singers bring an "all sing round the camp fire" feel to proceedings. Simply delicious. And bam, we're back in big, bouncy and booming territory once more as 'It's Not The End (It's Just The Beginning)' takes flight and proceeds to inject a serious amount of fervour to the party. 'It's Not The End (It's Just The Beginning)' is quite a prophetic title, 'cos whatever time it is played, it's definitely not gonna be the end of the party... Especially as it's followed by 'Million Miles' - a big smile inducing anthem with a big chorus that it is one hundred percent sing a long able. And if you're not singing along, why the fuck not? Come on, all together now "even if the road is long..." Oh the excitement, the exhilaration - just amazing. And we're not finished yet, two more songs remain, the first of which 'Win Or Lose' is another heavy hitter that just heightens the party atmosphere to an astronomically high level. Just how much excitement can an album induce? Too much - but that's it all folks, as the final song is an unplugged affair. 'Eyes Of A Child' features just keyboards, strings, and a soulful vocal delivery by Blades. This is the kinda song that is played right at the end of the party when everyone is feeling tired from having such a good time, and all they wanna do is drift off to sleep in the arms of their loved one as the lights go down and the music fades away.    
Overall, a sensational album full of AOR/melodic rock party anthems from three giants of the rock world, 'Rise' is a highly recommended album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV