Kill The Parasite

Reaction are a progressive/thrash metal band from Italy formed in 2005. Numerous line up changes occurred over the next few years before stabilising in 2011 and then two years hard graft to produce their debut album 'Kill The Parasite' which was released in 2013    
Heavily influenced by the late eighties thrash explosion, Reaction have managed to recreate that sound, which is evident on the opening song 'Behind Your Mask' which chugs majestically through some powerful guitar riffing and thunderous drums. With a throaty rasp of a vocal performance, this is blood and sweat thrash metal, definitely old school and most definitely worthy of a mosh pit stomp. 'Betray The Time' is a punchy mid tempo romp that is infectious and catchy whereas 'Lost' has acoustic guitars, slow melodic moments, strong, clean vocals and is not too far from the sound Metallica achieved on their black album.    
Punchy, high tempo, thrash metal returns with 'Criminal Pride', blazing a trail of aggression as it romps and stomps its way to an end through some awesome chugging guitars. 'Your Flaws' continues with the pounding thrash metal, keeping the energy levels high and the guitar solos blistering. A mellow, tribal sounding intro heralds the arrival of 'Cage Of Freedom' which gives way to a mid tempo stomp of chugging guitars, which then swings back to the mellow sound, and back again and so on until 'Resistance' comes blazing at you fill tilt like a runaway freight train. Full of aggression and pace, 'Resistance' is a storming metal romp guaranteed to keep the mosh pit occupied for a long time.    
The kind of crushing thrash metal that pounds the senses into oblivion is 'Human Race'. It smacks you round the head, kicks you up the arse and throws you around the room with its thunderous, chugging rhythm and brutal rawness. Ending the album is the title song 'Kill The Parasite' with a huge nod back to the eighties with its rumbling, catchy, infectious sound. Foot stomping and head nodding is not an option here, it is a necessity.    
Overall, old school sounding thrash metal, this album pounds away relentlessly with enough to keep the mosh pit moshing for a long time.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For GlobMetal Promotion