From The Asylum

Psycho are a thrash metal/rock band from Canada formed in 1987 releasing their debut album in 1988. Two E.P.'s followed in 2008 and 2010 with a new single released in 2013, followed by the 18 song compilation album 'Fuelled By Intoxication - 25 Years Of Psycho'. In 2014 the band released another single and E.P. with their latest release, 'From The Asylum' seeing the light of day in 2016.    
A forty five second, eerie and atmospheric, effects laden intro heralds the beginning of the new album, which is followed by a one and half minute buzzing instrumental, before the album gets underway proper with the barn storming 'Destroy'. Displaying a raw and aggressive in your face style 'Destroy' will decimate your senses and pummel you into submission. With brutal, hard hitting riffing and thunderous rhythms, the album continues at pace with 'Generation Death' shredding its way through the airways. The vocal style is gravelly and shares characteristics with the thrash and stoner metal genres.    
'You're Dead Anyways' chugs into life and stomps majestically on its way at a mid tempo pace. Heavy guitars and an anthemic style chorus 'You're Dead Anyways' is brutal enough to drop kick you next week... A hard hitting, hard rock melodic influence takes over as 'Psycho Killer' strolls in. Buzzing, chainsaw style riffing is a signature sound of Psycho on this album and 'Psycho Killer' has that in abundance. Add a cracking guitar solo into the mix and you have one of the best songs on the album here...that is, until the final triple salvo is launched!    
The final three songs on the album display the thrash metal roots of the band. Starting with the heavy grunt of 'Electric Death', this is fast paced, high on intensity and energy. The mosh pit will go wild at this and even wilder as 'Annihilate' storms in and does exactly as the song title states. Rabid riffing and a thunderous rhythm that will make lesser mortals run for cover, the die hard metal fan will stand up to be counted and head bang hard to the bone crushing, rampant rhythms. Ending the album is the heavy metal anthem 'Motorized', with so many lyrical references to the legends of the metal arena. The song itself has that buzzing, chainsaw style riffing with a mild melodic undertone, keeping one foot in the heavy metal genre and the other in thrash metal. Memorable for the guitar licks and hooks, 'Motorized' is gonna be a crowd favourite wherever the band play.    
Overall, bone crushingly heavy riffs and rampant rhythms propel this album along at pace in an aggressive and intense, in your face manner.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV