Psychoprism are a heavy power metal band from the USA formed in 2012 whose debut release was the 'Bloodlines' E.P. in 2014. Their first full length album 'Creation' was released in 2016.    
The opening atmosphere building 'Alpha' sets a slow and heavy power metal stomp, a signature sound style from the US power metallers. Big riffs and catchy rhythms, very similar in style to the European power metal genre, 'Creation' gets the album underway with heavy guitars and very heavy foot stomping rhythms. A clean and clear vocal delivery that hints at Michael Kiske (Unisonic, ex-Helloween) and some excellent guitar solos, 'Creation' is infectious. Many of the songs on the album clock in at over six minutes in length with a couple even stretching over the seven minute mark. 'Shockwaves' is one of these epics, and when I say epics, I mean atmosphere, superb guitar work and a heavy rhythm that is catchy, infectious and way too addictive. A sing a long style chorus and 'Shockwaves' is cracking melodic metal at its best. 'The Acclaimed' picks up the tempo and injects some energy into the album. With an increase in pace, all of the head bangers out there finally have a reason to flex their neck muscles and bang their heads. 'The Acclaimed' is hard hitting, hard rock in the same vein as legendary British icons Judas Priest. 'The Acclaimed' is worth a listen just for the sparkling guitar solo...    
The guitar work throughout the entire album is superbly awesome with all the guitar solos screeching passion and screaming emotion. Atmospheric and anthemic, 'Chronos' is an amazing and addictive hard rocking song that effortlessly transcends the metal and rock genres. You will find yourself involuntarily head nodding and feet tapping along as the rhythm is so infectious. Add in the catchy chorus and 'Chronos' is an excellent example of how US power metal should sound. Again, the guitar solo is top quality, with every note just oozing passion. The brakes are hit very hard as 'Friendly Fire' slowly rolls in, with an emotion filled vocal performance. If you were beginning to think that Psychoprism could only play full on, big riffing and thunderous power metal...then think again. 'Friendly Fire' is a power ballad that has power, passion and emotion in abundance.    
At nearly eight minutes in length, 'Against The Grain' is the longest song on offer and is brought to life by and excellent guitar intro. 'Against The Grain' is pretty much guitar led all the way through and has an infectious chug feel to it, as it strolls majestically on and on. Increasing the pace and power 'Defiance' rockets into life and is relentless as it charges through riff after riff settling into a galloping rhythm style, the style that British legends Iron Maiden have made so popular. This debut album just keeps getting better as each song passes by. 'Wrecker' is chunky, punchy and very hard hitting and is the only song that steps both feet into the traditional style of heavy metal. Chopping guitars and a head bangers dream of a rhythm, 'Wrecker' is true heavy metal. Bringing a great album to a close, is the stunning 'Stained Class' (and no, it's not a Judas Priest cover). Very much an epic and majestic styled song, similar to fellow countrymen Manowar in many ways...mid tempo, very heavy, anthemic and very addictive. In fact, the entire album is addictive...where is that replay button?    
Overall, atmospheric and anthemic US power metal, addictive and infectious with superb vocals and some of the best guitar work you are ever likely to hear.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV