Stallions Of Steel

Prowler are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 2007 who self released an E.P. in 2012. Their debut album was released in 2015.    
Following in the footsteps of many of their country men, Prowler play bombastic power metal delivered with a hint of British NWOBHM. 'Motorcycle Of Love' is the title of the opening song, and something that British heavy metal band Saxon would write. The comparison doesn't end there either, A twin guitar attack, rumbling bass, thundering drums, an infectious melodic foot stomping rhythm and you might think that this is a British band playing British metal. But no, they're German and 'Freedom' is a cracking speed metal rampage, that is both catchy and head bangingly addictive. And pretty much can be said about 'Mind And Might', albeit a little bit on the heavier side. Prowler have managed to recreate the winning formulae that German power metal pioneers Accept and Helloween created back in the eighties.    
The title song 'Stallions Of Steel' is a mid tempo monster of a song, with huge riffs and a thunderous rhythm. 'Mexican Story' picks up the pace and similar in style to British stalwarts Judas Priest, speeds with force and power, has loud and clear guitar solos and will keep every heavy metal fan from Germany to the UK head banging for a long time. Throughout history there have been albums that change the face of music and albums that strengthen a musical style. Prowler will sadly not be changing the face of music, but will definitely be strengthening the power metal genre. Great times are most definitely here.    
The guitar driven 'Out Of The Night' is an up tempo burst of energy that steps over the boundary into the hard rock genre. With a frightening "scream" Paranoia storms in to life and chugs away endlessly beneath a menacing lyrical content. Rattling and rumbling, 'Paranoia' has a blistering guitar solo, plus all the characteristics of the good old days of heavy metal. Self titled song 'Prowler' is another hugely guitar driven song, with the guitars chugging and duelling. Anthemic in its delivery 'Prowler' must become a crowd favourite. Ending the album is 'A Maiden's Funeral', opening with the news report of (former UK prime minster) Lady Margaret Thatcher's death. Not many metal bands sing about politics and to be honest this isn't about is about a political figure. Musically, the song chimes in at over eight minutes in length and is a majestic stroll of everything great about heavy metal music.    
Overall, cracking (German) power metal fused with (British) heavy metal that results in a raucous yet infectious, melodic, hard rock romp.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV