Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming

Profane And The Sacred are a stoner rock band from the UK who released their debut album in early 2015.    
Riding in on the crest of an acoustic passage is the album opener 'Bench', before kicking off with a doom heavy guitar riff. Gruff, gravelly vocals accompany a foot stomping rhythm as the song takes shape, running along at a mid tempo pace. Stoner rock has a reputation for down and dirty bar room style rock and roll and 'Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming' doesn't disappoint. With long songs on the album, some chiming in at over six, seven and even eight minutes in length, there is plenty of music on offer here. 'Bleed That Stone' chugs into life and in true foot stomping fashion rocks its way forth with a memorable guitar riff and some cracking hooks. Vocals are more melodic than the opening songs such is the variety in style of the music here.    
'You Know' is relentless as it is raw sounding as it brutally stamps on your head with its thunderous drums and doom heavy guitars. Melodic is not normally a term associated with stoner rock but 'Weather The Storm' has it in abundance as the song casually strolls by. 'From The Top' has a hard edge to it with razor sharp guitars and some classic doom heavy riffing. 'All For None' is another slow, doom style song that is darker than anything heard on the album so far and has traits of progressive rock as it swings effortlessly between the doom and progressive genres.    
Gruff vocals, heavy guitars and dragged out riffing entertain the listener on 'Just A Little' before 'Words' rattles into life, lighter than previous songs and rocking like a good one. High tempo, high energy, 'Words' keeps the fists in the air and the feet stomping and even has mosh pit style breakdowns to keep you busy rocking hard. 'A New Leaf' ends the album in almost confusion. It is an acoustic instrumental and not the kind of song you associate with the end of an album. But then this album is full of surprises and an interesting mix.    
Overall, hard edged, gruff vocals, dirty doom heavy riffing 'Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming' is a great album of relentless, chugging stoner rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Stampede Press UK