Buried In Violence

Product Of Hate are a heavy metal band from the USA formed in 2007 releasing their debut album in 2016.    
Mixing deathcore and death metal vocal styles with a ferocious brutal thrash metal musical delivery, Product Of Hate are aggressive and very much in your face. Opening song 'Kill You Now' is full of hate and is as venomous as it is high paced. With enough brutality to get arrested for GBH, 'Kill You Now' hammers at your senses and takes no prisoners with its ferocity. 'Annihilation' continues the trail of destruction set by the previous song. Gruff vocals, rough and tough thrash metal and a relentless, adrenaline fuelled pace and 'Annihilation' could quite possibly do exactly what it says! '...As Your Kingdom Falls' takes on some melodic traits, not too many though. A mid tempo pace and some truly horrifying guttural vocals and Product Of Hate as a band name could also mean that they are a product of hate. The vocals are not so death metal that you cannot understand a single word sung, in fact they quite clear for death/deathcore vocals.    
Moving up a gear 'Blood Coated Concrete' is a super sonic blast of skull crushing, concrete smashing, demolition driving powerhouse. Aggressive in every aspect 'Blood Coated Concrete' is a highlight of the album and definitely a favourite song of mine. The attitude, the venomous vocal delivery and the speed at which the song is played - just awesome. With no let up in aggression or attitude 'Monster' storms on like a hurricane, leaving only devastation in its wake, screaming guitars and growling vocals. Just how aggressive this album can go is still yet to be decided, but for lesser mortals, they would be cowering under the bed with pillows around their ears to drown out the cacophony of destruction. For the rest of us, the title song 'Buried In Violence' delivers gruffer vocals, rampant and thunderous rhythms and a "bring it on" attitude from the listener.    
'Vindicare' is a two minute instrumental of mellow guitar work, providing a short breather from the pummelling of the senses. 'Nemesis' buzzes and bristles with brutality, rockets at high speed with blistering guitars and rhythms that will violently knock you over. Try to get up and the gruff vocal delivery will knock you down again. A superb guitar riffing intro brings 'Revolution Of Destruction' to the airwaves as it rattles on and on, taking no prisoners with its venomous delivery. The singer also shows versatility with a hint at "clean" vocals. During this song the guitar solo is screeching and screaming and also other songs on the album have the same, similar style too. The fastest and most brutal song on the album is saved until the end, 'Unholy Manipulator' is like a speed boat on open waters, going as fast as it can with no one and nothing to hold it back. The entire album has all been about pace, brutality, ferocity and a fierce, rampant urgency, so it comes as a surprise that as a bonus there is cover version of 'Perry Mason' by Ozzy Osbourne. Not the kind of artist you'd think a deathcore/death/thrash metal band would cover, but hey...And what a very good job Product Of Hate do too. They have not tried to make the song their own, but rather have stayed true to the original sound and pace. Understandably the vocals are different, but it is a cracking cover version.    
Overall, fierce, ferocious and rampant thrash metal oozing brutality with every twang and thump, venomous vocals and attitude laden.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV