Tears Of Rage

Prime Creation are a heavy metal band from Sweden forming in 2015, releasing their self titled debut album the following year. The bands sophomore album 'Tears Of Rage' was released in 2019.    
Heavy metal with strong progressive tendencies, Prime Creation buck the trend of Sweden to produce just metal/rock bands of the more traditional nature. Their second album opens in a flourish of thunder, with 'Fingers Crossed' rumbling into life, adopting a changing mid to high paced rhythm as it trots on by. 'Lost In The Shades' swaggers into life and jack hammers its way through the airways. And after just two songs my reservation about progressive metal starts to nag, the fact that it never really lets loose, or gets into top gear. Traditional heavy metal and power metal are all about top gear, foot on the monitor and galloping rhythms. With progressive metal, it tends to hang back, reign in the fire and brimstone and just smoulder.    
But there is something heavy about Prime Creation, yes it's not the full tilt, tumultuous gallop I prefer, but it is heavy - and addictive. 'Before The Rain' has all the hallmarks of progressive metal but does switch gear across the chorus break to become quite melodic, and catchy, and sing a long. Prime Creation are similar to the Finnish metal band Seven Thorns, in that they're not the kind of music I normally listen to because of their progressive leanings, but there is something about them that has me hooked. Entering the hard rock genre, 'Pretend Till The End' is a melodic hard rocker that just pulsates with a heavy rhythm, hooking you in and keeping your interest from start to finish. The mid tempo heavy swagger comes to the fore as 'Walk Away' thunders in, slowing down across the chorus. Maintaining its heaviness throughout though, 'Walk Away' is heavy enough to keep heads nodding.    
With most of the progressive metal genre, I do get frustrated, but 'Tears Of Rage' (the album) has surprised me a little bit. The album turns a bit aggressive as 'All For My Crown' lunges forth in a fiery barrage of riffs, swinging toward melodic hard rock as it gathers momentum. And right there is my frustration with progressive metal... 'A Beggar's Call' takes on a very heavy mid tempo foot stomp, a tad menacing too, and on this occasion maintains that feel all the way through. In fact, the chorus break is almost anthemic in its delivery. The title song 'Tears Of Rage' is an atmospheric epic, mid tempo in pace but has a lot of tension within. It is edge of the seat exciting, also nail biting terrifying, and all delivered with the heavy riffs and rhythms that are layered throughout this album. Final song 'Endless Lanes', wraps up the album in a mellow, tension filled mood. Cinematic in its delivery, 'Endless Lanes' is a crescendo building epic, full of awe and wonder, and will have listeners swaying from side to side as it plays out.    
Overall, progressive metal that frustrates by never reaching top gear, but also excites, because it is very heavy, and also has a massive melodic edge.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Kingart Music Management