Heartless Oppressor

Primal Attack are a thrash metal band from Portugal formed in 2012 who released their debut album the following year. The bands second album was released in 2017.    
Not for the weak, 'Heartless Oppressor' is a savage barrage of brutality that will pummel you senseless. The new album from these Portuguese thrashers is a pulsating and vicious rampage, right from the moment the opening song 'Red Silence' gets underway. Aggressive and throaty vocals accompany the rampant riffs and rhythms that just thunder by in a flash. Get those necks stretching head bangers of the world, this is gonna be brutal... 'Halfborn' continues the aggressive aural assault, dropping the blistering pace for a more mid tempo stomp before building up into a steaming rampage. Lesser mortals reach for the aspirin, the rest of us turn the f***ing volume up! Buzzing guitars welcome 'The Prodigal One' to the airwaves followed by the heaviest guitar riff on the album. Throaty and menacing vocals will strike fear into the hearts of many, the guitar riffs will stab you hard and the rampaging rhythms will just trample all over you.    
Thrash metal this aggressive will take your breath away, but will also give you an adrenalin rush that will excite, and produce one of the widest smiles across your face you've ever seen. Heavy, aggressive and brutal doesn't get any better than 'Truth And Consequence'. Relentless power and in your face vocals push 'Truth And Consequence' along at a quick pace, generating an atmosphere of excitement that will raise the adrenalin levels way higher than they should be. This is terrific stuff. Stomping hard and taking no prisoners, 'Strike Back' builds an atmosphere of terror as it rumbles into life and then takes off at an absolutely scorching pace. Rabid and rampant, 'Strike Back' is a ferocious blur of savagery with the screechiest of a guitar solo.    
'Heart And Bones' huffs and puffs its way through brutal guitars and thunderous drums. Aggressive and attitude laden vocals compliment the savage nature of the music. At a live show, the mosh pit will in a frenzy with all the head bangers head banging viciously. With the album quickly heading to a conclusion, the heaviness just keeps getting heavier as 'Hypersonic Generation' rockets in and zooms off at high velocity. The intensity and aggression contained within 'Hypersonic Generation' is phenomenal, with the quickness of the song an absolute pleasure to listen to. If you had gotten to thinking that the album couldn't get any more aggressive or brutal, then think again...'Above The Line' is rampant, with energy levels right off the f***ing scale. If you're still standing after this savage attack of thrash, there is one more song to come... The slightly quirky and off beat 'XXI Century Curse' is less thrash and more progressive in its approach. Still heavily brutal in places with a thundering rhythm, there is also some clean singing, a more traditional heavy metal feel to the guitar sound and let's be honest, it kinda sounds just like a brain storming jam session. But it doesn't detract from the fact that this is a bloody good album.    
Overall, a breath taking savage and brutal thrash metal assault that is both aggressive and ferocious.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV