Blessed & Possessed

Powerwolf are a heavy, power metal band from Germany formed by brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf in 2003 and have released five studio albums and one live album in their career to date. The band have built a reputation for majestic, anthemic power metal with song themes often surrounding mythology, legends, vampires and werewolfs. 2015 will see the release of the bands' sixth studio album 'Blessed & Possessed'.    
Bombastic and atmospheric is the opening shot, the title song 'Blessed & Possessed'. Rocketing like a jet fighter going to war, 'Blessed & Possessed' is rampant as it powers through gigantic power metal riffs, superb guitar solos and powerful vocals that are gruff and gravel edged but also clean, almost operatic at times. This breath taking opening continues with the up tempo, speed metal 'Dead Until Dark'. Thundering on relentlessly, it is infectious and catchy with an anthemic chorus, oozing power from every string, key, and tub thump. The symphonic metal tinged 'Army Of The Night' romps in and you find yourself involuntarily head banging, such is the appeal of the song. Germany has always been an excellent birthplace for some of the greatest power metal bands ever to play on this planet and Powerwolf are no exception. Their style of music is bold, brash and very much in your face yet also has its melodic moments.    
Slowing the pace to a mid tempo stomp is 'Armata Strigoi' and 'We Are The Wild'. Both songs are perfect examples of melodic power metal, all big riffing, pounding drums and an oh so infectious rhythm. 'We Are The Wild' is a must for a sing a long chant in a live arena. Pace returns in the shape of the thunderous 'Higher Than Heaven' with guitars that chop and duel their way throughout the song. With vocals bordering on the operatic, keyboards and guitars that compliment each other perfectly, the album is an exhilarating rush of power and pace that is just breath taking. 'Christ & Combat' is another speed metal romp, big and bold and majestic in its delivery. It is going to be very difficult to chose a favourite song off the album, so i'm not going to. The entire album is full of thrillers with no fillers!    
Exciting and epic is all I can really say about 'Sanctus Dominus'. The song is a killer, all rampant and raging, with so much power it could blow a hole through the planet. Never have I heard such power during a chorus...I have visions of the entire crowd chanting "Sanctus Dominus" at the top of their voices, fists punching the air, heads banging, feet stomping . . . If you are now beginning to think "can this album get any better?", the answer is a most definite yes. In the shape of 'Sacramental Sister', Powerwolf embody everything that power and speed metal stands for: huge riffs, thunderous drums, powerful vocals, pace and an infectious vibe.    
During the eighties, legendary bands Grave Digger, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Running Wild and Rage paved the way for power metal, following in the footsteps of Accept, who, for me, invented power metal. Is it any coincidence that the all the bands mentioned above are from Germany? Not at all, as Germany has a proud tradition for producing power metal bands and Powerwolf are no exception. 'All You Can Bleed' is rampant, anthemic and infectious...everything you expect from power metallers. Ending (insert unhappy face here) this album is the seven minute plus epic 'Let There Be Night'. An operatic style opening brings the song to life, as it stomps and romps, meandering its way from near doom metal style riffing to symphonic metal to some outstanding operatic moments.     
Overall, a breath taking and exhilarating power metal album, combining symphonic, operatic and epic styles to create a masterpiece.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV