Driven By Fear

Power Theory are a power metal band from the USA formed in 2007, releasing an E.P. in 2009 and their debut album in 2011. The bands second album was released in 2012 and their third album 'Driven By Fear' in 2015.    
With their new vocalist, fresh energy and desire, Power Theory deliver a new album full of powerful, in your face, ferocious heavy metal. Opening with the thunderous and brutal 'Spinstress', the vocals are top notch and the guitars blistering with the solid rhythm section complimenting the whole feel of powerful, ferocious and vigorous heavy metal. Pace slows for 'Long Hard Road' but the brutality remains, guitars are heavy and the pounding rhythm will smash walls and crack floors. There is an element of the old "sleaze metal" genre thrown in too. Title song 'Driven By Fear' ups the tempo and roars off at pace, guitars screaming, vocals aggressive and an infectious need to head bang, very hard. Powerful power metal mixed with heavy metal and you have the signature sound of Power Theory.    
'The Truth Shall Set You Free' is a must for all heavy metal fans. It has everything you can dream of, from the twin guitar attack to the galloping rhythms and the clean and clear vocal style. An anthemic style chorus and superb guitar riffing with astounding guitar solos. 'The Truth Shall Set You Free' is one of those "driving" songs. With a majestic stomp and an anthemic swagger, 'Dark Eagle' marches on and on, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Brutal and heavy 'Dark Eagle' thumps and thuds its way through the airways. 'Break The Glass' is a blistering one minute instrumental to introduce 'Don't Think Twice' which revives the "sleaze metal" feel from earlier and will drag you through the bushes screaming and kicking. Thunderous and brutal, head banging and foot stomping is the only option.    
Dogged with line-up changes and recording hassles, it has been a tough road to get this album produced but Power Theory have overcome all the difficulties that was thrown at them and 'Driven By Fear' is an album that breathes fire into the heavy metal arena. Passion and pride exude from every song and with the likes of 'Cut & Run' blazing a path of devastation with every twang and thump, Power Theory are on the road to greatness. Aggressive and ferocious, tempered at times to produce some awesome hard rock, this album "kicks ass". What more can I say? Brilliant springs to mind...album closer 'Beyond Tomorrow (After The Fall)' is a majestic stomp, a ruthless rampage, a storming swagger and head bangingly addictive song. Power Theory are back and doing exactly what they do best, delivering high quality, intense, in your face heavy metal.    
Overall, powerful and ferocious heavy metal, with a hint of the old "sleaze metal" style, this is an album of pure, out and out heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV