Phrenetix are a thrash metal band from Lithuania formed in 2011 who released their debut album in 2015.    
Power, speed, intense high energy and raucous is all the description you will ever need for the brand of thrash metal that Phrenetix play. The thunderous opening salvo 'Ruined By Ambition' is furious and frenetic with blistering guitars and a relentless rhythm. 'Time To Act' opens with a slow, dark and moody riff before a blistering change of pace sees the song race off with a blast of high intensity energy. Faster than legendary speed/thrash metal bands Over Kill, Annihilator and Nuclear Assault, Phrenetix display a blinding pace. 'Posera' chugs endlessly and will smash your face in with its brutal riffs, crush your skull with its barbaric rhythm and leave you in a pulp. Can the album keep up this pulsating pace? Hell yes...    
'Piece Of Lie' has hints of the Megadeth attitude about it as it romps and stomps furiously with memorable hooks and a catchy rhythm. The vocals are actually quite clean and clear for a thrash metal album, although they do occasionally turn a little raspy. Some of the guitar riffing shredding is pure brilliance, especially at the speed Phrenetix play. Screaming guitar solos and a solid as a concrete base rhythm section. 'Unconscious Game' is a frenetic blur of superb riffs and rhythms, strong vocals and is just breath taking.    
Just how fast can Phrenetix play we'll never know for sure, but the title song 'Fear' is a brutal example of power, pace and speed. If 'Fear' was a speeding car along the motorway, it would be pulled over for doing twice the speed limit! Lithuania is a little known country in Europe, yet Phrenetix are gonna put it well and truly on the metal map. Amazingly, Phrenetix up the speed with 'Muddy Tale'. It is frenetic and furious with a high possibility that your fast head banging may indeed shake your head off your warned! Without a moment to catch breath, 'Art Of Jail' chugs mercilessly into life and again races off at top speed. How Phrenetix manage to keep this pace going is anyone's guess, but they do manage to transfer it to the live arena. Go see them live and you will be left physically exhausted from head banging, moshing and punching the air. But it will be worth it.    
Overall, some of the fastest thrash metal ever heard, this album is packed full of pace and speed with blistering guitars and rampant rhythms.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Inferno Records    
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