Time For A Miracle

Perfect Plan are a melodic rock/AOR band from Sweden formed in 2014, releasing their debut album 'All Rise' in 2018. The 'Jukebox Heroes' covers E.P. followed in 2019, with the bands sophomore album 'Time For A Miracle' a 2020 release.    
Sweden, a country that has given the world some great rock and metal bands over the years, is at it again, with melodic rockers Perfect Plan, joining the ever growing list - a list that I'm not even gonna start... 'Cause if I do, I won't stop - there's just too many bands...    
With their second album, Perfect Plan have opted for a heavier approach than their 2018 debut, offering twelve songs across an incredible fifty five minutes, the band launching with the albums title song 'Time For A Miracle' - and what a way to launch your new album! Tension fills the air as buzzing guitar riffage slices through the tension and 'Time For A Miracle' (the song) swings into sight, hitting hard and nodding heads harder. AOR and hard rock meld beautifully, as Perfect Plan plough on with the heavier hitting 'Better Walk Alone'. The infectious nature of 'Better Walk Alone' is the stuff of parties, all up beat and up tempo with a cracking chorus to sing a long to. 'Heart To Stone' quickens the pace a tad, and is full of beefy riffage and punchy melodies, highly reminiscent of one of Sweden's premier hard rock bands - the mighty Europe. And after just three songs, Perfect Plan are shaping up well to continue the amazing hard rock tradition that Sweden has.    
Oh man, the mellow music and soulful vocals of 'Fighting To Win' is sublime. One hundred percent passion fuelled and oh so atmospheric, crowds are gonna be a sea of swaying bodies, all holding lighters aloft. The two sides of AOR - ballad and punchy rock - have been aptly delivered by a band hungry to please. Punchy rock returns in emphatic style, with the highly energetic 'Every Time We Cry'. The chorus is a sing a long affair, and will surely be an in concert crowd favourite. Perfect Plan cross the water to the UK for their influence behind 'What About Love', with traits of the legendary Whitesnake shining through. And when I say Whitesnake, I am referring to the early eighties when David Coverdale and company where ruling the roost with 'Ready An' Willing', 'Come An' Get It', and 'Slide It In'. And what's this? A blues rock swagger! 'Nobody's Fool' has touches of the blues, Southern rock and good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll. Even the quietest bar in the world will erupt in singing and dancing should this one come on the jukebox. Punchy hard rocking AOR rises to the surface once more, as 'Living On The Run' trundles in and strides on majestically. The insatiable infectiousness of this album is insane, with fans of melodic rock and AOR dribbling over the tunes emanating from 'Time For A Miracle' (the album).    
Perfect Plan drop into power ballad come soft rock territory with 'Just One Wish'. Oozing emotion and passion, 'Just One Wish' is soft rock of the hardest variety, appealing to a whole new array of fans. And talking of fans, I reckon the bands fan base is gonna double, no triple, with this album. With a title that suggests a ballad, 'Don't Blame It On Love Again' is far from ballad territory - sitting fairly and squarely in the hard rock zone. Bombastic riffs lead the way, with that all encompassing infectious streak that stretches right through the album from start to finish, more prominent than it has ever been. The party anthem 'Give A Little Lovin', is up beat and full of energy, and will make any party go wild. Perfect Plan have not relented on the energy and oomph all album, and with only one song to go, this has been one helluva journey. The pleasure, the passion, the memories - all top notch. 'Don't Leave Me Here Alone' brings the album to a close in a cinematic vein, and would be ideal as an encore. For the audience would surely welcome the band back onstage with mouths wide open in awe.    
Overall, hard rocking AOR, full of punchy riffs and catchy melodies, 'Time For A Miracle' is a feel good one hour of awe.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV