Headlong Disaster

Parallel Minds are a heavy metal band from France who released their debut album in 2015.    
Opening the album is the brutally heavy 'I Am' with a deep throaty rasp of a vocal performance. German power metal legends Rage where pioneers of the three piece powerhouse metal during the eighties and into the nineties, and right here, right now Parallel Minds are forging their sound along the same lines. 'Into The Void' packs a punch and keeps packing, as it's ferociousness takes hold and suddenly walls start crumbling and concrete floors start cracking. Such is the force of the music it is advisable to wear a hard hat when head banging. 'Reborn Through Hate' bludgeons the senses with its brutal riffing and you feel a force as strong as a hurricane hit you bang square in the forehead. Parallel Minds are a very heavy band, playing very heavy, heavy metal.    
At over eight minutes in length 'Migdal Bavel (Myth Of Babel)' is an epic journey of monstrous proportions. Sewn together like some of the epic masterpieces that British legends Iron Maiden have written over the years, Parallel Minds have here, an absolute gem of a song. Displaying influences as varied as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pantera, 'Migdal Bavel (Myth Of Babel)' is catchy, infectious and has so many hooks and grooves that you will not want the song to end. The rapid machine gun fire rhythm of the title song 'Headlong Disaster' propels it forward at high speed. Losing nothing of its brutality, it is a superb thrash metal style song, displaying an excellent level of musicianship. Hard and heavy heavy metal is the order of the day as 'Ghost Of Sparta' struts its stuff, imposing its brutal, in your face attitude on anyone who's within listening distance.    
Surprising is 'A 1,000 Minds Away' as the pace of the album comes crashing to almost dead stop and an acoustic style, near ballad sounding song comes to life...seriously. Although, halfway through it heavies up big time and just when you thought it was sage to a breather, not a chance. Up you get, bang your head and punch the air with your fist. At nearly twenty minutes in length 'Hyperion' eclipses anything that Iron Maiden have created. 'Hyperion' is influences by all manner of genres that are woven together creating a superb balance that keeps the listener enthralled all the way through to its conclusion.    
The album ends with two cover songs. The first, 'Coming Home' by The Scorpions (off their 1984 album Love At First Sting) is a very good version, keeping tight to the original. The second, 'Only The Good Die Young' by Iron Maiden (off their 1988 album Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son) is unfortunately not so good. Nowhere near the original, Parallel Minds have probably tried to impose their own variation on style and, in my opinion, failed.    
Overall, very heavy, heavy metal blended with other genres such as power and rock to create a spectacular roller coaster ride of awesome music.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV