One Last Run are a hard rock band from the UK formed in 2013 who released an E.P. in 2014 and have just released an album in 2016.    
The new album hits the ground running with the energetic and bombastic 'Unbreakable'. With power house rhythms and a powerful female vocal delivery, 'Unbreakable' rocks hard, hits hard and punches even harder. The in your face attitude and high intensity continue apace with 'Casanova'. With a heavier feel to it, 'Casanova' is catchy and infectious and will most definitely have you nodding your head and tapping your feet in appreciation. One Last Run have been making a huge impact in the live arena with high energy and raucous performances and they have managed to feed the energy into the album too. 'Creatures Of The Night' is loud and proud with a buzzing guitar lead and a thunderous rhythm, with a slight hint of the blues. The pace slows dramatically as 'Tell Me' ambles in and demands you lift your lighters high...and just as you do so, the song turns into a powerful power ballad. Majestic and epic, 'Tell Me' is a rock fuelled power ballad.    
Bordering on the Southern Rock genre with a sniff of Stoner Rock, 'Reckless' is upfront and catchy. With its relentless guitar chug and sing a long style chorus, 'Reckless' is a cracking melodic hard rock song. 'All You Need To Know' is a mid tempo Stoner Rock influenced song that swings from heavy to light all the time keeping the melodic rock undertone that One Last Run are making their signature sound. Showcasing the vocal range of the singer, 'Run And Hide' is a slow dance kind of sounding song. Just imagine the disco dance floor after the party has ended and all the rowdy revellers have gone home, 'Run And Hide' is the song that you would be expecting to be played as the party winds down.    
Blunt and brash 'Rise (Or Fall) is a slow and heavy almost doom laden song that delivers a bludgeoning rhythm to numb the senses. The energy and passion that One Last Run have is immense and their debut album is packed to the rafters with hard hitting hard rock songs, and 'Addiction' is no exception. With a meaner and darker vocal performance than heard across the rest of the album, 'Addiction' will have you addicted with its memorable guitar hooks and infectious grooves. And a catchy sing a long chorus and you have the highlight of the album right here. Closing the album is the spectacular 'Given Up' featuring the vocal talents of Mike Kingswood (guitarist for Axe Wound and Glamour Of The Kill). A duet of a ballad, this is most definitely a lighters in the air and wave your arms high song. With such an impressive debut and the bands commitment to constant touring, One Last Run are a band to keep an eye on.    
Overall, energetic melodic hard rock with hints at many other genres such as Southern Rock, Stoner Rock and even the blues.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV