Numenor are a power metal band from Serbia forming in 2009 releasing two E.P.'s in 2011 with their first full length album emerging in 2013. The bands second album was released two years later in 2015, and now, after another two years, their third album 'Chronicles' is released.    
Power metal of the epic variety is what Serbian metallers Numenor have offered across their first two albums, with their third offering serving up much more of the same. Quickly into its stride, the new album kicks off with the traditional sound of power metal. 'Heart Of Steel' gallops at a high tempo pace, full of energy and bombast. Catchy and addictive, 'Heart Of Steel' is a sparkling opening salvo. The pace quickens as 'Carvenstone' romps into view, sounding not unlike the mighty Helloween (power metal pioneers from Germany). A unique blend of clean and clear and gruffer, more throaty vocals adds a touch more heavy to the bands sound. A more bustling rhythm launches 'Witching Hour' into the air with the gruffer vocals taking the lead, making for a much darker and meaner sounding song.    
This combination continues into 'Beyond The Doors Of The Night', adding female vocals too, courtesy of the beautiful Sandra Plamenats, singer for gothic metal band Kein Zuruck. The haunting, soaring vocals by Sandra adds a symphonic edge to 'Beyond The Doors Of The Night', a song that defines the epic in the epic power metal genre. Heavy and pulsating 'Moria' also has Sandra adding extra vocals, with all three styles intertwining perfectly, continuing the epic feel that the previous song created. 'Chronicles' (the album) is showcasing the variety of styles the band have, taking the listener on a journey of discovery, one that boldly switches from power to epic to symphonic and everything in between. Never knowing which path the journey will take next adds to the excitement and allure of the album.    
Picking up pace and intensity, 'Over The Mountains Cold' is a fast paced romp, gruff vocals taking the lead, as the galloping rhythm invokes head banging. The chorus is a sing a long style affair with the clean and clear vocals taking over. The two differing vocal styles contrast massively, but they do work and neither of them appear awkward or out of place. 'Realms Beyond' is a two minute wander of tension building mellowness, hitting a crescendo as the speed metal fuelled 'The Last Of The Dragonlords' explodes into life. Powering on at a scorching pace, guitars blaze and rhythms gallop fast as 'The Last Of The Dragonlords' delivers a head bangingly exciting romp. The romp continues into the final song as 'Valhalla' accelerates hard and storms off at high velocity. The chorus chant of "Valhalla" is gonna infect the audience in a live arena and will be sung, no, shouted loud wherever Numenor play.    
Overall, a powerful and rampant blast of energy, featuring two differing vocal styles, 'Chronicles' is a hard hitting and heavy, power metal album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV