The Unholy Trinity

Nukem are a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 2012 by former members of power metal band Cage and progressive metal band Psychotic Waltz. The bands debut album, 'The Unholy Trinity' was released in 2016 and features a number of special guests playing guitar solos ... Craig Locicero (Forbidden/Dress The Dead), Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel), Laura Christine (Warface/Zimmer's Hole) and Reece Scruggs (Havok).    
If you're a fan of old school thrash metal, then you will want this album in your collection. The eighties thrash metal evolution is a major influence on the Nukem sound and this can clearly be heard as the album gets underway with 'Warwolf'. Hitting the ground running, this power trio thrash hard, with 'Warwolf' a fast paced thunderous effort that will have you furiously banging your head. First single off the album, 'Evelyn's Awakening' is a powerhouse blend of thrash and speed in the same vein as other old school bands such as Heathen, Havok and Xentrix. The pace of the opening two songs is blistering and they scorch a blazing trail of destruction through the airways. The intro for 'The Atomic Age' slows the pace right down to a crawl...but not for long! Picking up the pace, 'The Atomic Age' is a high octane, highly energetic song that will leave you breathless, such is its ferocity.    
The guitar intro to 'The Deceiver' is simply stunning and the riff that rumbles on throughout the song is just awesome. A foot stomper of the heaviest nature, 'The Deceiver' maintains a mid tempo chug most of the way until the mid section when a furious turn of speed changes the song into a rocket powered blast of speed inspired thrash metal. The debut album from Nukem is turning into a cracking album that every head banger around the globe will want. It is filled with speed, thrash and the opportunity to head bang very hard. 'Bloodseeker' turns the album in a more brutal direction with the vocals taking on a more menacing vibe and I truly believe that Nukem have got what it takes to become a great band and eventually be mentioned in the same breath as legends Slayer and Kreator. 2010 saw the very sad loss of Ronnie James Dio, an iconic legend and former front man for British icons Black Sabbath. Nukem pay tribute to Ronnie with a cover of 'T.V. Crimes' from the 1992 Black Sabbath album 'Dehumanizer'. This cover version, in one word, is stunning. The band have kept the pace and rhythm of the song the same with singer Steve Brogden delivering an exceptional vocal performance.    
Brutal and aggressive 'D.O.I.' is a relentless and furiously fast slab of thrash metal with a buzzing chainsaw style guitar sound. With a rough and tough attitude, 'D.O.I.' will have the mosh pit moshing very hard. The title of "fastest song" is reserved for the scorching 'Lethal Injection' as it thunders on and on, attempting to break the sound barrier...and boy does it come close! The vocal delivery is rough and gruff and 'Lethal Injection' displays a raw feel not heard on the album previously. If you're not head banging vigorously to this one, then you're either dead or headless... 'Lucida Sidera' is a sparkling instrumental that sets a mellow mood as it strolls by, leading the listener to the final song on the album, the ferocious and furious 'Nukem All'. Blistering pace and a thunderous rhythm, 'Nukem All' is an explosive end to an album of cracking speed infused thrash metal.    
Overall, fast paced blend of speed and thrash metal with an old school vibe, this debut album will leave you breathless and panting for more, so much more...    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV