Metal Marines

No Bros are a hard rock band from Austria formed in 1979 releasing their debut album in 1982. The band have gone on to release many singles, albums and compilations, with their brand new album 'Metal Marines' released in 2015.    
Since their debut album over a quarter of a century ago, No Bros have consistently delivered a brand of high quality hard rock with superb vocals, exceptional guitar playing accompanied perfectly by keyboards. Occasionally swinging into other genres of music to keep the vibe and feeling alive and varied, No Bros produce varied album listings to delight fans from a diverse range of genres. 'Legends Of The Eighties' is typical hard rock with a swaggering vocal performance. 'Back Again' is solid eighties sounding heavy metal, keeping the head nodding and the feet tapping as it strolls by. 'Devil With An Angel's Face' keeps the eighties sound flowing, but is played at a slighter heavier tempo.    
'Dark Chamber' has a sinister feel about it as it chimes in, all chillingly spooky guitars and soulful get your lighters out and start waving your hands in the air. Rocking gently like an anchored boat in port 'Dark Chamber' ambles along without a care in the world. Superb NWOBHM style riffing and 'Written In Fire' blazes a trail as it lurches forward. Chugging like a tug boat, it is hard edged, hard hitting old school heavy rock. The foot stomping rhythms of 'Dance Of The Black Tattoo' are loud, bold and brash and add an anthemic style chorus, you have a sure fire crowd favourite.    
The sound effects laden 'Over The Sea And Far Away' acts no more a purpose than an introduction to the title song 'Metal Marines'. Hard rocking and guitar driven, the guitar solo is a peach and there is a slight leaning towards a blues influence too. The unimaginatively titled 'Song Number Nine' (unimaginative as yes, it is song number nine) is a mid tempo stomp, more akin to a southern rock swagger than the hard rock arena.    
With an injection of life and a small energy burst, 'Runaway Girl' swings and sways its way through a sparkling guitar riff. 'A Night In Touch City' has the feel of late eighties/early nineties hard rock icons Mr. Big, Great White and Night Ranger. The ballad 'Find Myself' is sparkling. The crowd will be swinging from side to side, lighters will be held high and the mood will turn into one of either sadness or happiness, depending on how your own personal life has panned out. The album ends as it began, with the guitar driven, hard edged, hard hitting instrumental 'In The Shadow Of The Galley'.    
Overall, a unique blend of rock, blues and southern swagger to create an interesting and sometimes bewildering mix of songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records