Nightbreed are a thrash metal band from Greece formed in 2010 who released a demo in 2012 with their debut album released in 2015.    
Razor sharp guitars, a brutal rhythm section and clean-ish style vocals is a brand of accessible thrash metal that Nightbreed display in abundance. From the opening riffage for 'Satanized' you know that this is gonna be a roller coaster of brutality and speed. Head banging and mosh pit madness is the order of the day as 'Pandemic' storms in like a hurricane, threatening to blow everything out of its way. Accomplished musicianship and superb arrangement, Nightbreed are a sparkling mix of thrash and speed metal. Buzzsaw guitars and rampant drums sees 'Epilepsy' fly past in a flash. Head banging is violent so make sure you have a neck brace by your side...just in case!    
'Public Execution' is a high intensity mid tempo stomp, until thirty seconds in when it takes off like a rocket and speeds into the distance. With brutal drumming and blistering guitars 'Public Execution' does have a slight Slayer influence. Big and meaty 'Holocaust' continues with the Slayer influence and is an immense, epic journey of brutality and aggression. With absolutely no let up in pace, 'In The Mouth Of Madness' carries the baton of brutality onto the next level. With catchy, high speed guitar riffs and a thunderous backline pushing the song on, Nightbreed are a furious force of ferocious aggression.    
Rolling in on the crest of a doom metal style, very heavy riffage, 'Taste Of Blood' is a skull crushingly heavy stomp, that is like a tornado when it kicks in proper, threatening to wipe out anything or anyone that stands in its way. A frenetic pace will keep your head banging all the way to the songs end. One of the most aggressive and high speed songs off the album is the brutal 'Horde Of The Undead'. Forceful and devastating is the pace of the song and will most likely leave you exhausted from excessive head banging. Closing this self titled debut album is the self titled song 'Nightbreed'. A blistering pace and ferocious aggression not only describes this song but also sums up the entire album. From start to finish there is no let up in pace or power and it is a thrash metal fans dream.    
Overall, a frenetic and furious blast of brutal aggression, that will keep your head banging for a very long time.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV