Here We Stand

New Device are a hard rock band from the UK formed in 2008 who released their debut album in 2009. Extensive touring over the next couple of years, including supporting Bullet For My Valentine and Bon Jovi, have brought New Device to the attention of fans with their brand of energetic hard hitting hard rock. Their second album 'Here We Stand' was released in 2013.    
The new album opens in typical New Device style, full of energy and passion, but a bit more polished than their debut. First song is 'Here We Stand', a rollicking good opener with a much heavier sound, still very hard hitting and foot stompingly addictive. Quickening the pace is the thunderous 'Away From Here', all punchy and rocky with an infectious rhythm and catchy sing a long chorus. Power ballad 'New York' is almost too heavy to be classed as ballad-like. Very rocky, it rumbles on and on and will have you gently rocking your head in appreciation rather than holding lighters high in the air.    
'On Your Knees' is a thumping blast of hard rock that pounds at the senses, relentlessly. Superb vocals on 'Do Or Die' confirms the versatility of the singer and also the musicianship of the rest of the band as the song effortlessly changes from ballad to thunderous hard rock. Some bands develop their sound and style and stick to it like glue, but not New Device, they are not afraid to experiment and try something different. 'Another Life' is a power ballad off the top shelf, a definite lighters in the air song that will also have you swinging from side to side.    
High tempo hard rock returns with 'Feel The Wrath', rocking its way through some awesome guitar riffs and chugging rhythms. This is the type of high, energy-driven hard rock New Device have built a reputation for and in a live arena they do not disappoint. 'Save You Life' is a top notch hard rock song that is bold and brash, bordering on arrogantly epic. Foot stomping and head banging is the order of the day here as New Device continue with their heavier sound.      
'Waiting For A Deadman' is almost heavy metal, with its darker sound, heavy sounding guitars and thunderous drums. 'Wreckage Of Me' threatens ballad-like territory but is too ferocious in its delivery to be a ballad. Heavy guitars, a screaming guitar solo and a pounding undertone 'Wreckage Of Me' is so hard hitting it could knock walls down. Closing the album is the power ballad 'End Of Hope'. Foot tapping and head nodding is not an option here, it is a must. With superb vocals throughout, New Device once again excel with their unique brand of hard rock.    
Overall, a much heavier sounding album than their debut, New Device deliver more top notch, energetic, ferociously hard hitting hard rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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