Netherblade are a thrash metal band from Italy, formed in 2016, releasing their debut E.P. 'Annihilation Of Self' in 2019, and their debut full length album 'Reborn' in 2020.    
Netherblade come screaming out of Italy at full tilt, full of rage, and determined to thrash hard. Their debut album chimes in at a little under forty minutes in length, displaying the kind of attitude and menace that bands such as Megadeth and Kreator portray. 'Reborn' (the album) contains ten songs firmly rooted in the thrash metal genre, with the occasional foray into the traditional heavy metal zone. The two minute instrumental opener 'Overture', is a crescendo building and tense opener that leads into the opening song - the ferocious 'Eyes Of The World'. Moving quickly, 'Eyes Of The World' incorporates the guitar sound so synonymous with the great NWOBHM evolution. Snarling and fairly menacing vocals accompany an already venomous assault. The title song 'Reborn' is a bit more brash, picking up the pace and rocketing off at high velocity. And the chant style chorus is gonna have a live audience screaming "reborn" as loud as fucking possible. Great stuff. 'From The Abyss' maintains the albums incredible pace, foraging a savage path across the land. The ferocity with which Netherblade perform is brutal, mixing traits of some of the greatest thrash metal bands there has ever been - Kreator, Slayer and Overkill immediately springing to mind.    
'Till The End' has pace and power, and is one of the quickest songs on offer, screaming forth at an almighty rate. Mosh pits are gonna go crazy for this one, especially the cracking chorus breakdown that breaks out in to a heavy foot stomping fit. And that screaming guitar solo... All out pace is dropped for the mid tempo anthemic march of 'Braindamage'. More akin to the heavy metal style, 'Braindamage' still shows its thrash metal roots, with the occasional savage sprint to get heads moving fast. At over six minutes in length, 'Killing Spree' is the longest song on offer, opening with a wonderful mellow build-up before launching into a groove metal influenced romp. Snarling vocals return to the fore, with 'Killing Spree' a menacing heavy foot stomp to chill the bones.    
With Netherblade showing their prowess at delivering fast and screaming thrash, as well as the more mid tempo foot thumping style, the album powers on with the much faster paced 'Wasted Generation'. In fact, 'Wasted Generation' shows some lightning quick guitar work, as well as some searing vocals. At just under three minutes in length, the self titled song 'Netherblade' is the shortest offering on the album, and is a cacophony of brutal riffing and savage vocals. 'Netherblade' may be the shortest song, but it is one of the most aggressive. The album is brought to a close with the more "heavy metal" 'Nothing Is Real' - the opening riff a classic NWOBHM foray. Still plenty of rough and gruff within 'Nothing Is Real' to keep the thrashers of the world happy.    
Overall, a savage barrage of fast paced and aggressive thrash metal, banging heads hard, and creating mania in every mosh pit.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV