Nervosa are an all female thrash metal band from Brazil formed in 2010 who released their debut album in 2014 and the follow up in 2016.    
One of the best extreme thrash metal bands to emerge from Brazil was Sepultura, back in 1986 when they released their debut album 'Morbid Visions'. Thirty years later and fellow countrymen, err countrywomen, are set to unleash their brand new album to an army of expectant fans...Nervosa, a power trio that play fierce, ferocious and aggressive thrash metal, very much like the early days of Sepultura, yet add elements of Kreator and Slayer to produce some of the most brutal, raw and in your face thrash metal you are ever likely to hear.    
Opening the album in a furious flurry of riffs is 'Arrogance' with a vocal delivery that is throaty and gruff, but clean enough that you can actually understand what is sung. Relentless in pace, 'Arrogance' will leave you breathless. Blistering guitar work and Nervosa gets the new album off to an explosive start. 'Theory Of Conspiracy' sets a blistering pace, with roaring vocals and a rampaging rhythm that not even a stampeding herd of rhinos can match. What a death metal growl to open 'Deception' with...the vocals do sound more like death metal than thrash with the music echoing the brutal early days of Slayer. The first single of the album 'Intolerance Means War' is a barrage of brutality with an anthemic style chorus that just begs to be chanted, no screamed at the top of your lungs. The weak will reach for the headache tablets, the strong will reach for the volume button and turn it up...    
'Guerra Santa' has all the trademarks of eighties Slayer, brutality, ferocity and racing, growling vocals. 'Guerra Santa' is quick, well more than quick, it scorches a trail and will leave melted concrete in its wake. Aggressive and in your face 'Failed System' is a fierce blast that will pound and pummel you, with 'Hostages' a much darker and slower song than heard on the album so far. Ha ha ha, did I say slower? Only the intro...'Hostages' picks up the pace and is a barrage of brutality that will leave you covered in bruises. With no let up in pace 'Surrounded By Serpents' rages on leaving only devastation in its wake. If you're looking for a thrash album with guts, you will not go far wrong with this one. A head bangers dream, 'Agony' will leave you sore from all the head banging and foot stomping.    
What an intro to 'Cyber War'...i'm not gonna spoil it for you, you'll just have to listen for yourself. Blistering guitar work and 'Cyber War' is the most "heavy metal" song on the album. The Slayer influence is evidence again in the shape of 'Hypocrisy', a foot stomping, concrete smashing, sledgehammer of a song. Nervosa embody everything that the late eighties thrash metal movement created, and takes it on to the next level with modern age technology. As the song title says 'Devastation' devastates all before it with a vicious volley of brutality and aggression. 'Agony' is an album of outstanding thrash metal, rough and gruff vocals, blistering guitar work and rhythms that will rip the skin off your amazement and wonder oozes from every pore when 'Wayfarer' hits the airwaves. Blues style guitar, clean vocals and mid tempo, has the recording company placed a wrong song at the end of the album? Nope, this is still Nervosa, experimenting with different styles including a warbling acappello outro that resembles absolutely nothing heard on the rest of the album.    
Overall, a fierce barrage of blistering thrash metal played at a relentless pace that will leave you breathless, bruised, sore, and in agony...    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV