Coordinates Of Confusion

Negligence are a thrash metal band from Slovenia formed in 2000 releasing three demos between 2003 and 2005. Their first full length album was released in 2007 with the follow up 'Coordinates Of Confusion' released in 2010.    
Thrash metal is fast, furious and very heavy when played right and Negligence are a band that do just that. 'Mind Decay' blasts open the album with its furious pace, ferocious riffing and powerfully clean, throaty vocals. You could almost say that this is old school thrash. In fact, I will say that it is old school thrash. With no let up in tempo, 'Screaming Fear' continues the aural assault with its pounding rhythms and catchy riffing style. Anyone like myself who grew up in the eighties listening to the thrash metal evolution will absolutely love this. 'Addicted To Aggression' is a superb, high speed, yet melodic infused thrash metal song that will keep your head banging for ages.    
With a heavier guitar style, 'Disharmony' is a relentless high speed chugging head banger of a song. Blistering guitars, thunderous drums and a mildly venomous vocal delivery. Throughout this album the pace is kept high with the energy levels in overdrive. 'My Way' is a wonderfully mellow guitar passage that builds into a crescendo, leading the way for 'Insane Asylum' to pound your senses into submission with its hard hitting, thunderous nature. Guitars are furious, the solos blinding and the rhythms contagious, the album continues at pace with 'The Q Box'. A bit more blunt, in your face and aggressive than the other songs, 'The Q Box' is a brutal stomp.    
The pace of the album is phenomenal and breath taking. Even some of the greatest thrash metal bands around have never released an album with so much pace. One of my personal favourites off the album is 'Sickened', just because it is a neck breaking stomp of furiously thunderous thrash. 'Sickened' will also become a mosh pit favourite for sure too. Rampant riffing and rocketing rhythms, 'Shark Attack' is the quickest song off the album and a head bangers dream. Everything about this song and indeed the album, is just brilliance. The album closes with the ten minute plus title song 'Coordinates Of Confusion'. Despite it's length, the pace is still high with some extremely cracking guitar work. There is enough variety and change during the song to keep you interested and head banging until the very last note.    
Overall, high speed, heavy thrash metal, thunderous and hard hitting with a clean, venomous vocal delivery, this album is excellent old school style thrash.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)    
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