Mortillery are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 2008 whose debut release was the self titled E.P. in 2010. Their first full length album emerged in 2011 with the second released in 2013. The bands third album, 'Shapeshifter', was released in 2016.    
With a vicious and menacing vocal delivery, the new album gets underway in a brutal fashion with the rampant 'Radiation Sickness'. The dual guitar attack chops and chugs relentlessly, head banging is definitely in order as the galloping rhythm pushes 'Radiation Sickness' along at a blistering pace. The pace gets even quicker as 'Age Of Stone' rattles into life like a pneumatic drill. Pounding and pummelling 'Age Of Stone' scorches a blazing trail of devastation as it flies by. The female singer gives it all she can, with a screaming, high pitched delivery, not high like symphonic as she does retain a mild throaty growl. Very distinctive. Guitar shredding abounds as 'Bullet' takes off like, well, like a bullet fired from a gun...with a slightly lower pace across the breakdown and chorus. Mortillery really are turning in a blistering performance of full on, high velocity thrash metal.    
With absolutely no let up in the relentless pace of the album, 'Mantis' continues the ferocious foray into brutal thrash. Screaming, screeching, growling and very aggressive the vocal delivery by (singer) Cara McCutchen is a unique blend, perfectly suited to this type of raw and frenetic thrash metal. A very heavy guitar chugging intro breathes life into 'Black Friday' reminding me of the sound thrash metal pioneers Megadeth developed. 'Black Friday' is fast, extremely heavy and keeps the thrash metal momentum flowing relentlessly like lava erupting from a volcano. With a much more basic feel 'Wendigo' marches into sight and careers along at a furiously frenetic pace. How the hell the singer has not developed a sore throat I'll never know, but then that is the talent she has and I don't...!    
Two thirds the way through the album and the blistering pace drops just a little bit as the very much guitar led 'At The Gates' rampages on. Amazing guitar shredding and screaming solos, 'At The Gates' will pound your senses into submission. It's time for all metal heads to stand tall and keep head banging hard as 'Torture' launches a ferocious volley of riffs into the atmosphere. The vocal delivery is the most aggressive and in your face heard on the album, with the sheer speed of 'Torture' just relentless. In just a little over forty ferocious minutes, the album comes to an end with the title song 'Shapeshifter' ... with a slight twist. Cara takes on a more clean and clear style, dropping the higher pitched, screaming and throaty growl from the previous songs. But no need to worry, she still reverts to her unique style as 'Shapeshifter' progresses. In fact, 'Shapeshifter' does drop the blistering pace, allowing a short breather before hitting the replay button and thrashing all over again.    
Overall, furiously fast and frenetic thrash metal that is just relentless as it steams ahead at full tilt taking no prisoners with its raw brutality.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV