For The Loud And The Aggressive

Mortal Strike are a thrash metal band from Austria formed in 2009 releasing an E.P. in 2012 and their debut album in 2014.    
As far as album titles go to describe the sound of an album, "For The Loud And The Aggressive" ranks as one of the most appropriate ... this is an album stuffed to the crust with loud, fast paced aggressive thrash metal. From the moment the album opens with 'For The Loud And The Aggressive' with its jack hammer style riffing and thunderous drums, powerful, brash vocals and the anthemic style of the chorus, you just know that this is going to be a great album. 'Here Comes The Tank' is raucous and thunderous and has an awesome chugging rhythm that will have you head banging, hard! Many of the song titles on the album are aggressive and in your face, just like the music. Take 'Outburst Of Fury' as an is aggressive, brutal and so heavy it will knock you over. It has relentless pace and power, exceptional musicianship and reminds me of early Slayer and Metallica. Both these bands played this style of thrash but you just knew there was something special about them.    
The same applies here as the chugging stomp of 'Against The Wall' introduces the high speed, infectious thrash metal sound that Moral Strike display. Blistering guitar solos and aggressive vocals to boot, this is top quality "old school" thrash for the modern era. 'Mg 42' is breath taking brutality played with a high skill level that it is not chaotic sounding, nor frenzied, more like accomplished and seasoned. For me, one of the measures of a great thrash metal album is how much your breath is taken away by the ferocity and pace of the songs, and believe me when I say "I'm breathless". 'Smash The Tyrants' is rocket powered and pummels your head into a pulp as it kicks and screams its way past with 'Strike' having the type of chanting chorus that the mosh pit will love ... in-between moshing, head banging and running round in circles creating walls of death. Full of pace and aggression it flies by at break neck speed and will keep your head banging for ages.    
There is no let up in the pulsating pace of this album as 'One Against All' races in and, like a jet fighter off to war, is fast, direct and destined to hit its target. In this case, the target is your forehead, right between your eyes! Just when you think the pace of the album cannot get any quicker along comes 'The Tides Of War Arise". By a country mile, it is the fastest song on the album but loses none of its infectious, foot stomping attitude from earlier. Bringing the album to a close is the heavy 'Unleash The Hounds Of War' displaying a rugged charm as it romps and stomps its way all over you. Mortal Strike are a great thrash band that have released a great thrash metal album and I cannot wait for the next one.    
Overall, thunderous, brutal, aggressive and infectious thrash metal, played with skill and precision at a breath taking pace.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Nowajczyk (Vlad Rocker)